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Graduate Students


Student Area of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Alexander, Micah Diplomatic History mka29@txstate.edu
Arnold, Austin Early Republic, Gilded Age, and Oral History aka28@txstate.edu
Aylesworth, John E. United States Military Involvement in Vietnam 1910-1955 jea66@txstate.edu
Booker, Roger L. Jr. Civil Rights Movement & Education rb1140@txstate.edu
Brown, Heather M. American Military History; Vietnam Era Strategic Surprise: The Dual Dispersal of Agent Orange in Vietnam and Korea hb1125@txstate.edu
Brown, Rachel Women's History, Gender Studies, WWII, German History rb1469@txstate.edu
Erdmann, Edward United States History eae43@txstate.edu
Foster, David 20th Century daf63@txstate.edu
Goodman, William Social History of Submariners wag13@txstate.edu
Hamilton, Clinton Gilded Age, Progressive Era clintonchasehamilton@gmail.com
Hart, Megan United States History meh101@txstate.edu
Henderson, Bowman Texas in the American Civil War beh46@txstate.edu
Hensen, Ryan American Military History rth34@txstate.edu
Johnston-Ashton, Karen European History, U.S. History Freedom For All: Fighting for Segregation in the US Armed Forces 1920-1950 klj58@txstate.edu
King, David United States History dk1039@txstate.edu
Lucio, Mario United States History ml1409@txstate.edu
McClure, Courtney Early Sino-American diplomatic relations through commerce cam261@txstate.edu
Murphy, Mary gender, sexuality, social, cultural, and military The U.S. Military in Liberia during World War II m_m369@txstate.edu
Neal, Lauren 20th century cultural and class history len10@txstate.edu
O'Neal, Linda luckylinda9@gmail.com
Reebel, Venitia vr1099@txstate.edu
Schampers, R. Jared Higher education during the New Deal rs54768@txstate.edu
Shockley, Candice N. Texas Women's History c_s203@txstate.edu
Simons, Chris Early American History, Native American History Breaking Neutrality: An Explanation for the Colonial-Oneida Alliance cts32@txstate.edu
Smith, Danielle Civil Rights dps25@txstate.edu
Sokolik, Joe Eugenics, Science and Social Thought in Progressive America jsokolik@txstate.edu
Spears, Samantha J. Gender samantha.j.spears@gmail.com
Toronjo, Rachel Urban and Environmental History rt1018@txstate.edu
Torres, Samantha Civil War swt14@txstate.edu

Public History

Student Areas of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Austin, Stephen F. Cultural Resource Management; Historic Preservation, American Infrastructure, Dams Dams Redefined: A Look at the State of American Dam Preservation and Management sa1252@txstate.edu
Barkdull, Jennifer Public History jb2140@txstate.edu
Borger, Alex Public History ab1828@txstate.edu
Carpentier, Gaetan Fin de Siecle up to Decolonization Era - U.S. & European Histo ft gjc1@txstate.edu
Cox, Leanne Conservation & Preservation, Archiving, Native American History, Cultural History lc1408@txstate.edu
DesOrmeaux, Kathleen International Public History, Cultural Resources Management, The Ancient Mediterranean, Roman Italy and North Africa, the Middle East, Islamic Civilization, Al-Andulas kgd29@txstate.edu
Duncan, Mike
Gorman, Benjamin United States History, Public History
Grassmuck, Mary Elise Texas History, Cultural Resource Management meg172@txstate.edu
Hill, Russell Public History; Archives, Digital Archives rh1418@txstate.edu
Hoffman, Christine Conservation and Preservation, Cultural Resources Management, Museum and Collections Management, Site Interpretation and Exhibit design, Museum Education cmm170@txstate.edu
Jones, Nathan Conservation & Preservation, Material Culture nj1041@txstate.edu
Lambert, Mark Public History; Texas History
Landeros, Ann Texas History ael37@txstate.edu
Patlan, Madelyn Public History mp47@txstate.edu
Pickel, Virginia Archives vpickel@txstate.edu
Rast, Ethan Public History, Preservation ear93@txstate.edu
Rivera, Esther Mexican Americans in the 20th and 21st century. er1257@txstate.edu
Royer, Jamie Public History, Agricultural and Labor History the sugar industry in Texas and its relationship to the state jr1512@txstate.edu
Ruch, Jennifer Museums, collections, popular music history, American cultural history jr1773@txstate.edu
Shane, Alexander Cultural Resource Management Administrative History of Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park a_s232@txstate.edu
Shapiro, Kelli Public History; Cultural History; Urban History; Architectural History kks60@txstate.edu
Skaw, Chistyjoy Public History cs1862@txstate.edu
Watson, Jon Museum Studies jrw126@txstate.edu
Whitehurst, Katie Public History katiewhitehurst@txstate.edu


Student Areas of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Ashford, Geoffrey 18th Century France gaa26@txstate.edu
Brown, Timothy Church History; Late Medieval/ Early Modern England and France; Philosophy thb15@txstate.edu
Carrillo, Malak Tudor England; European History; Public History "Buckinghamshire: Power and Politics in an English County, c. 1450-1550" mc1393@txstate.edu
Cooper, Lindsay lindsaycooper2@gmail.com
Davis, James Early Modern Warfare, Roman History Evolution of Cavalry in Early Modern Western Europe jd1628@txstate.edu
Johnston-Ashton, Karen European History, U.S. History Freedom For All: Fighting for Segregation in the US Armed Forces 1920-1950 klj58@txstate.edu
Larimore, Brendon Post World War I-League of Nations/British Mandate of Palestine "Broken Promises of the Mandate: A Study of the Palestine Mandate Society and its impact on the proliferation of Zionism within Palestine and Great Britain" bl1168@txstate.edu
Scanlan, James European History js2141@txstate.edu
Spann, Rebecca 19th Century British Imperial History rls184@txstate.edu
Walter, Lauren European Monarchies lw1308@txstate.edu
Woods, Thomas European History tdw67@txstate.edu

Latin American

Student Area of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Glankler, Emily Latin America ecg28@txstate.edu
Gonzales, Gilberto Chicano Movement
Goodman, William Cuba drewgoodman85@gmail.com
Ramirez, Liliana Mexican Americans in the early 20th Century American By Birth: Finding Mexican American Identity through Cinema in the West Side of San Antonio, Texas. 1936-1946
Rueda, Ashley Mexican American Women in the 20th century The work and legacy of the Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association in Austin, Texas aalexisrueda@gmail.com

Middle Eastern Studies

Student Area of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Antoniono, Kenneth Early Islamic Historiography and Ottoman Empire interactions with Europe kenny.antoniono@gmail.com
Larimore, Brendon Post World War I-League of Nations bl1168@txstate.edu

Asian History

Student Area of Interest Thesis Topic Email
Aylesworth, John E. Vietnamese Nationalist Movements during the 1910-1955 time frame and the United States interactions via the OSS and regular Military jea66@txstate.edu