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Faculty by Name

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Dr. Mary Brennan
Professor and Chair

Specialty: Post-1945 U.S., Political History
Email: mb18@txstate.edu

Mr. Alan Atchison
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: History Education and Baseball History
Email: aa07@txstate.edu

Dr. Nancy Berlage
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Public History; 20th Century U.S.; rural; gender; political economy
Email: nkb11@txstate.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop
Associate Professor

Specialty: Middle East; Arabic History
Email: eb26@txstate.edu

Dr. Gene Bourgeois
Professor, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Specialty: Tudor-Stuart England; English Local History
Email: eb04@txstate.edu
Dr. Ronald Brown
Specialty: Western U.S.; Business; Labor; Technology; Oral History
Email: rb04@txstate.edu

Dr. Pierre Cagniart
Associate Professor
Specialty: Ancient World; Roman Military
Email: pc09@txstate.edu

Dr. Antony Cherian
Adjunct Professor

Email: ac52@txstate.edu

Dr. Peter Dedek
Adjunct Professor

Email: pdedek@txstate.edu

Dr. José Carlos de la Puente
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Colonial Latin America & Indigenous Populations of the Andes
Email: jd65@txstate.edu

Dr. Jesús F. de la Teja
Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies
Specialty: Texas, Spanish Borderlands, Colonial Mexico
Email: delateja@txstate.edu

Dr. Lynn Denton
Director Public History Program
Specialty: Public History, Museums, Representation and Material Culture
Email: pd16@txstate.edu

Dr. Shannon Duffy
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Early American History
Email: sd22@txstate.edu
Dr. Dennis Dunn
Professor and Director of International Studies
Specialty: Russia; East Europe; 20th Century U.S.-Russian Relations
Email: dd05@txstate.edu

Trace Etienne-Gray
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: 20th Century U.S. Women's history
Email: te01@txstate.edu

Dr. Bryan Glass
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Modern British and British Imperial History
Email: bg30@txstate.edu

Dr. Paul Hart
Associate Professor
Specialty: Modern Latin American, Mexican-American, U.S., and Mexico
Email: ph18@txstate.edu

Dr. Gary Hartman
Professor and Director of the Center for Texas Music History
Specialty: Modern U.S. Immigration, Ethnic; Center for Texas Music History
Email: gh08@txstate.edu

Dr. Jeff Helgeson
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Labor, African American
Email: jh221@txstate.edu

Ms. Irene Hindson
Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor
Specialty: U.S. History
Email: ih01@txstate.edu

Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Atlantic, U.S. Diplomatic, U.S. Religious
Email: rj26@txstate.edu

Ms. Deirdre Lannon Albrecht
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: U.S., Culture and Music History, Social Movements
Email: dl24@txstate.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Makowski
Specialty: Medieval Europe; Canon Law; Religious Women
Email: em13@txstate.edu

Dr. Bryan Mann
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Tudor-Stuart England
Email: bm30@txstate.edu

Dr. Kenneth Margerison
Specialty: Eighteenth-Century France; French Revolution
Email: km04@txstate.edu

Mr. Robert Marshall
Adjunct Professor

Email: RCM@txstate.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Mauck
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Public History; Local and Community
Email: jm81@txstate.edu

Dr. John Mckiernan-González
Assistant Professor

Specialty: Mexican American History, Latino Studies, Social and Cultural History of Medicine, Immigration History
Email: jrm259@txstate.edu

Dr. James McWilliams
Specialty: Colonial America; Economic and Cultural
Email: jm71@txstate.edu

Dr. Jason Mellard
Specialty: Post-1945 U. S., Popular Music History, Texas History
Email: jasonmellard@txstate.edu

Dr. Margaret Menninger
Associate Professor
Specialty: Modern Europe; Modern Germany
Email: mm48@txstate.edu

Dr. Michael Miller
Adjunct Professor

Email: mnmiller@txstate.edu

Dr. Rebecca Montgomery
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor
Specialty: Gilded Age and Progressive Era, The New South, Education
Email: rm53@txstate.edu

Dr. Angela Murphy
Associate Professor
Specialty: U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
Email: am34@txstate.edu

Dr. Jessica Pliley
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Women, Gender, Modern U.S.
Email: jp74@txstate.edu

Dr. Leah Renold
Associate Professor
Specialty: South Asia
Email: lr22@txstate.edu

Dr. Caroline Ritter
Assistant Professor
Email: ritter@txstate.edu

Dr. Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez
Associate Professor
Specialty: Ethnohistory, Native Americans, Spanish Borderlands
Email: jr59@txstate.edu

Dr. Anadelia Romo
Associate Professor
Specialty: Latin American History; Race and Gender; History of Anthropology
Email: ar23@txstate.edu

Dr. James Selcraig
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: U.S. 20th Century
Email: js32@txstate.edu

Dr. Peter Siegenthaler
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Japanese Studies, East Asian Studies, Central Asian Studies, Historic Preservation
Email: ps30@txstate.edu

Dr. Ellen Tillman
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Military History, Modern Americas
Email: et19@txstate.edu

Mr. Dan K. Utley

Email: du11@txstate.edu

Dr. Dwight Watson
Associate Professor
Specialty: U.S. African American, Race Relations, Texas
Email: dw25@txstate.edu

Dr. Joseph Yick
Specialty: Modern China; Chinese Communism
Email: jy02@txstate.edu