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History Theses

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List of M.A. Theses Completed at Texas State University, 1938 to Present

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Year Student Title Director 2nd Reader 3rd Reader
2017 DesOrmeaux, Kathleen G. The Relationship between the UNECO World Heritage Program, Tourism and Living Communities Denton Berlage Johnson
2017 Diedrich, Kimberly Make El Paso Great Again: Correcting Alternative Memory in the Border City Denton Utley Siegenthaler
2016 Aylesworth, John E. Excursions Along a Shadowed Route: The United States And Vietnamese Nationalism 1943-1956 Tillman Brennan Siegenthaler
2016 Simons, Christopher T. A Longhorn Divided: Oneida Agency, Iroquious Disunity, and the Oneida-American Alliance Rivaya McWilliams Duffy
2016 Pickel, Virginia A "Pros-Useless" to Prosthesis: United States Prosthetics Programs, 1945-1953 Pliley Denton Mckiernan
2016 Ruch, Jennifer Far Out in Texas: Countercultural Sound and the Construction of Cultural Heritage in the Capital City Denton Hartman Mellard
2015 Richardson, Todd Beyond Deinstiutionalization: The Fragmentation of Texas's Mental Health Reform Movement, 1945-1984 Helgeson Denton Brennan
2015 Davis, James A The Evolution of Cavalry During the Military Revolution: The English Experience 1572-1604 Tillman Mann Bourgeois
2014 Brown, Brian R The Mexico-U.S. Business Committee and the foundations of the North American Free Trade Agreement      
2014 Merritt, Lisa D Polishing the public sphere : courtesans and female virtue in eighteenth-century British print culture Margerison Bourgeois McWilliams
2014 Austin, Stephen F Small Dams and Historic Preservation: An Assessment of Dam Infrastructure and Contemporary Preservation in Texas Dedek Denton Utley
2013 LaRotta, Alex "Talk to Me": The Story of San Antonio's West Side Sound Hartman Mellard Hart
2011 DeBrecht, Margaret M The Texas Chautauqua Movement: A Study of the San Marcos Independent Assembly Montgomery Watson Denton
2011 Hall, Lara K With the Bark Off: The Inaugural Exhibits At the LBJ Presidential Library & Museum Denton Brennan Mauck
2011 Harris, Jennifer In a Forward Fashion: The Material Culture of Austin, Texas 1839-1846 Denton Murphy Dedek
2011 Pannenbacker, Sallie Abraham Lincoln and the Colliding Memories of Reconciliation and Emancipation in Civil War Memory Murphy Montgomery Denton
2011 Roderick, Marshall The "Box Bill": Public Policy, Ethnicity, and Economic Exploitation in Texas Hart Watson Helgeson
2010 Ardis, Robert M Campaigns and Elections in Confederate Texas 1861 and 1863 De la Teja McWilliams Murphy
2010 Barefield, Erinn R The Kerrville Folk Festival: The Path to Kerr-Version Hartman Miller Brennan
2010 Godfrey, Murray A Fear and Loathing in New England: A Reexamination of King Philip's War McWilliams Pohl Rivaya-Martinez
2010 Jameson, Aimee L Reimagined and Remembered: The Vietnam Era in the Shadow of the 1980s Murphy Brannan Denton
2010 Seiler, Michelle She Hath No Remedy by the Common Law: English Women and the Medieval Court of Chancery Makowski Bourgeois Margerison/Morrison
2009 Birdwell, Glenn H Normal Students Exceptional Doughboys Pohl Brown Dunn
2009 Goyette, Kyle T A State of Discontent: Texas Women and the Battle For the Equal Rights Amendment, 1972-1982 Brennan Bynum Andrews
2009 Harris, Justin M American Soldiers and POW Killing in the European Theater of World War II Pohl Brennan Mauck
2009 Lambert, Jeffrey T Decade of Change: Origins of A Mexican American Identity in Texas, 1910-1920 Hart De la Teja Juarez
2009 Roberts, John Scott Woodrow Wilson's Judicial Nominees: Patronage or Progressivism? Montgomery Brennan Andrews
2009 Stevens, Barry D The Military History of Fort Griffin: 1867-1881 Pohl Watson Murphy
2008 Alter, Thomas E E. O. Meitzen: Agrarian Radical in Texas, 1855-1906 Andrews Montgomery Watson
2008 Gray, Andrew Emery All Our Labors Are Gone to the Devil: Thomas F. McKinney, Samuel May Williams and the Texas Revolution De la Teja Pohl Bynum
2008 Luther, Shae R The McCrocklin Affair: Academic Integrity and Presidential Plagiarism At Southwest Texas Brennan Andrews Brown
2008 Medina, Joseph Orbock The Politics of Mexican-American Civil Rights in Texas, 1948-1955 Hart De la Teja Juarez
2008 Planas, Roque Daniel The Politics of Crime, the Criminality of Politics: State Violence in Argentina, 1930-193 Hart Romo De la Teja
2008 Stalzer, Shaun A good show town: Censorship and Reform in Dallas Theaters, 1890 to 1940 Hartman Andrews Watson
2008 Steenken, Beau B Between Medieval and Modern: The Seventeenth-Century Origins of the Doctrine of Domestic Dependent Nations McWilliams Liddle De la Teja
2007 Alves, Amy Justine Canon Joske's of Texas De la Teja Andrews Mauck
2007 Andersen, Jack D The Other War in the Pacific: The Conflict Between Generals Robert Eichelberger and Walte Pohl Brennan McWilliams
2007 Chadderdon, Matthew P Islamic Fundamentalism, Chechen Nationalism, and the Black Widows Dunn Gorman Mihalkanin
2007 Chandler, Kerry W The Effects of Military Base Closures On Local Communities: The US Army Air Corps in West Pohl Brennan Andrews
2007 Lannon, Deirdre Swingin' West: How Hollywood Put the 'Western' in Texas Swing Andrews Hartman Hart
2007 Mardock, Stacey Secret Mission: Edward J. Flynn's Trip to Moscow Dunn Brannan Leder
2007 Moore, Clinton E Washington D.C. On the Merry-Go-Round: Drew Pearson and the Expansion of Journalism in the Mid-Twentieth Century Brennan McWilliams Watson
2007 Sullivan, Ruth K An Oral History of Tary Owens: Texas Folklorist and Musician Hartman Mauck Andrews
2007 Zmarzly, Rebecca J Justices of the Peace in Mid-Tudor Devon Circa 1538-1570 Bourgeois Makowski McWilliams
2007 Hicklin, Benjamin Coins and commerce : specie and success of the early Massachusetts economy McWilliams Bynum De la Teja
2006 Compton, Adam Delk The American Comic Book Industry, 1936-1954: Creativity in An Age of Conformity Andrews Brennan Hartman
2006 Davis, Kimberly N Fredi Washington: Black Entertainers and the "Double V" Campaign Bynum Andrews Watson
2006 Newman, Kurt Hell-hole on the Brazos: The Origins of Sugar Land, Texas, and the Imperial Sugar Company, 1832-1914 (did not complete MA degree requirements) Andrews Watson McWilliams
2006 Smart, Whitten Jefferson Charles De Gaulle's Trip to Moscow in 1944 Dunn Bourgeois T. Hindson
2006 Sozansky, Phillip Michael A Mystical Sense of Community: Hood's Texas Brigade and the Social, Cultural, and Environ McWilliams Swinney Bynum
2005 Cain, Brian Russell John Tower: The Republican Wedge Brennan Andrews James
2005 Dell, Meaghan Hurd The Unionization of San Antonio Garment Workers During the Great Depression Andrews Brennan Hart
2005 Lee, Jason C. Poliomyelitis in the Lone Star State: A Brief Examination in Rural and Urban Communities Brennan Wilson Watson
2004 Anderson, Jahue An Environmental History of the Wichita River Valleys. De la Teja Andrews Earl
2004 Dinsmore, Cynthia A The Truth About Religion in Russia: Religious Propaganda During World War II. Dunn Bourgeois Andrews
2004 Gabriel, Dexter J Violent Women, Violent Culture: Gender and Resistance in the WPA Narratives. Bynum Brennan Watson
2004 Mays, Trish Sandinista Propaganda in Visual Terms Garner Kens Hart
2004 Miller, Sidnery A A General in the Shadow. Pohl Bynum Brennan
2004 O'Donovan, Hugh T The Unionization of Black Motion Picture Projectionists in Houston and Dallas, 1937-1971. Andrews Watson Brennan
2003 Barlow, John The Soldier Diplomat: Walter Bedell Smith, American Ambassador to Moscow, 1946-1949. Dunn Watson Brennan
2003 Bashara, Joshua A Saint-Domingue and the French Revolution, 1789-1791. Margerison Bynum Makowski
2003 Bean, Erika Rosana Galan Woman to Woman: The Intimate Correspondence of Madame du Deffand and the Duchesse de Choiseul. Margerison Bynum Makowski
2003 Drake, Jerry C Something Between Slavery and Freedom: The Evolution of Jim Crow in Texas, A Cultural History. De la Teja Bynum Watson
2003 Kashanipour, Ryan Amir From Cannibals to Kings: History and Cultural Change Among Lacandon Maya Indians, 1542-2002. De la Teja McGee Hart
2003 Morawski, Michael Stanley Nazi Racial Policy and Foreign Workers: Gestapo Activities Towards Polish Laborers in the Rhine-Ruhr, 1939-1944. Menninger Dunn Pohl
2003 Reed, Joan Elizabeth Peter the Great, Great Britain, and the Modernization of Russia's Armed Forces. Dunn Bourgeois Margerison
2003 Supple, James P J. Frank Dobie's Columbia University Days Revisited. Brown Swinney Holland
2002 Brooks, Jeffrey Evan Why the Greeks?: An Inquiry Into the Cultural Characteristics Contributing to the Development of Science in Ancient Greece. Cagniart Dunn Olson
2002 Hinojosa, Clarissa E Justices of the Peace in Mid-Tudor England, 1547-1569. Bourgeois Makowski Margerison
2002 Larson, Paul Harris Air Power at the Battle of Somme: The Royal Flying Corps and the German Air Service from July to November 1916. Pohl Dunn Brennan
2002 Shreve, Bradley Glenn Race and Suffrage in Washington, D.C. Watson Brennan Hartman
2001 Christy, Jamie The Twenty-sixth Louisiana Infantry in the Civil War. Pohl Bynum Swinney
2001 Giefer, John A The United States Manpower Crisis of 1943. Pohl Andrews Brennan
2001 Koenig, Kristina Cay Reactions of Texas A&M University to the Integration of Blacks and Women, and Student Activism. Brennan Watson Andrews
2001 Nelson, Scott A What Might Have Been: La Bahia del Espiritu Santo, 1722-1821. De la Teja Wilson Garner
2001 Samuels, Mark Manigault's Brigade, Army of Tennessee: A Narrative History with Selected Company Rosters. Pohl Swinney Liddle
2001 Schnautz, Brandy Kay The Episcopal Visitation of Monasteries: Policy and Practice with Specific Reference to England in the Later Middle Ages. Makowski Bourgeois Morrison
2000 Barber, Oakley Neils Durfee Honor, Gender, Violence, and the Life of Robert Potter. Bynum De la Teja Hartman
2000 Bishop, Constance M Economic Effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction on Gonzales County, Texas, 1850-1880. Swinney Bynum Andrews
2000 Brand, Amanda J Dr. Sofie Herzog and New South Brazoria, Texas: Gender, Medicine, and Entrepreneurship. Bynum Andrews De la Teja
2000 Cavendish, Robert J Anvil of Ceres: The Foundry at Waller Creek. Swinney Pohl Brennan
2000 Horky, Roger Karl Air Power in Transition: The Korean War, 1950-1953. Pohl Cagniart Cohen
2000 Kirby-Calder, Mary Angela More than a Centerfold: Gender, Politics and Playboy, 1954-1988. Brennan Bynum Hennessy
2000 Mann, Bryan N Cambridgeshire Lord Lieutenancy and Militia Administration, 1626-1640. Bourgeois Liddle Margerison
2000 Scott, James W Francis Hopkinson and Philip Freneau: Political Poets of the American Revolution. Liddle Wilson Margerison
2000 Walters, Katherine K K The Great War in Waco, Texas: African Americans, Race Relations, and the White Primary, 1916-1922. Andrews Bynum Brown
2000 Westphal, Raymond W The Battle of Jutland: An Introspective Analysis of Admirals Sir John Jellicoe and Sir David Beatty, May 31, 1916. Pohl Brennan Andrews
1999 Greer, Samuel J To Preserve and Prosper: Far West Texans' Struggle for Big Bend National Park and Economic Development. Wilson Swinney Brandimarte
1999 Kosary, Rebecca A Regression to Barbarism in Reconstruction Texas: An Analysis of White Violence Against African-Americans from the Texas Freedmen's Bureau Records, 1865-1868. Swinney De la Teja Wilson
1999 Matthews, Tanna L The Whitehall Agents: Courtiers, Connoisseurs, and Diplomats in the Early Stuart Court. Bourgeois Makowski Carraro
1999 Quinn, Christopher R Environmental Politics in Texas: Cement Kilns, Hazardous Waste, and Public Health in Midlothian, 1987-1999. Andrews Brennan Brown
1999 Sysma, David A Beholden to a River: Managing the Rio Conchos of West Texas, 1867-1957. Wilson Brennan Brown
1999 Tomek, Beverly C Scull The Mighty Work of Regenerating a Race: Martin R. Delany and the Role of Black Leadership in Reforming Antebellum America. Bynum Andrews Selcraig
1999 Welch, James L A Divided Ethnic Community: A Legacy of Japanese Americans' Incarceration During World War II. Brennan Andrews Brown
1998 Cain, Kathryn Diane 'In Your Own State, in Your Own Community': Jewish and Non-Jewish Texans' Reactions to the Early Days of the Holocaust, 1933-1939. Brennan Wilson Andrews
1998 Christilles, Warren P Military Establishment and Community Survival in Early San Antonio, Texas, 1720-1845. De la Teja Wilson Andrews
1998 Hankins, Jeffery R Tudor Local Government and Administration in the County of Hertfordshire, Circa 1520 1580. Bourgeois Margerison Makowski
1998 Lopez-Trujillo, Miguel Angel A Century of Historic Preservation in Texas. De la Teja Brandimarte Wilson
1998 Posey, Johanna L The Establishment of the Texas Railroad Commission: From Popular Notion to Political Reality. Swinney Brown Hindson
1998 Smith, Sharon H Victoria County, Texas, 1824-1870: Mexican Colonization to Reconstruction. Swinney Garner Boehm
1998 Spaeth, Georgia T In the Hands of Roosevelt: Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and the Washington Meetings. Dunn Brennan Josserand
1998 Vigorito, Victor Experimental Religion and Enthusiasm in the Epistemology of Jonathan Edwards. Liddle Andrews Swinney
1998 Williams, James R American Public Opinion Toward China, 1964-1968. Brennan Andrews Margerison
1997 Ellis, Stephen M The First Amendment on Trial in Texas During World War I: The Espionage Act, Albert Sidney Burleson, and the Halletsville Rebel. Andrews Brennan Brown
1997 Fuchs, Patrick D A Sixth Time: The Studebaker Corporation During World War II. Pohl Andrews Swinney
1997 Hild, Renee T The Politics of Toxic Cement: The Lafarge Corporation's Fight to Burn Hazardous Waste in New Braunfels, Texas, 1987-1993. Andrews Brennan Brown
1997 Lubenow, John S The Quest for Peace: A Comparative Study of Spanish and American Indian Policy in the Southwest. De la Teja Andrews Wilson
1997 Marquardt, Gregory L The Military Justification Behind the Liberation of Czechoslovakia During the Second World War. Pohl Swinney Cagniart
1997 Williams, Keith The Privy Council's Militia Policy, 1588-1601. Bourgeois Margerison Swinney
1996 Atchison, Alan C Postwar Professional Baseball in Austin, 1947-1955: A Study of the Austin Pioneers of the Big State League. Brennan De la Teja Andrews
1996 Dykes-Hoffmann, Judith Treue der Union: German Texan Women on the Civil War Homefront. Bynum De la Teja Pohl
1996 Gilliland, Andrew W The Stratified Views of West Africa and Brazil in the Portuguese Mentality and Its Importance in the Old World Versus New World Debate. Garner Margerison Bourgeois
1996 Herr, Lynette L Public Perception of the Market Women of the October Days of the French Revolution. Margerison Bynum Bourgeois
1996 Kearney, John D General Felipe Angeles: Revolutionary Mexico's Soldier Without a State. Andrews Garner Pohl
1996 Sanders, Nichole M Nationalism vs. Neoliberalism: The Struggle Within the Mexican Political System, 1938-1988. Andrews De la Teja Garner
1995 Blanton, Carlos Kevin A Form of Reform: Texas Higher Education Under Governor John Connally, 1963-1969. Wilson Swinney Cardenas
1995 Cavalier, Wayne E The Politics of Religious Change: Martin Luther and the German Princes 1510 to 1530. Margerison Bourgeois Makowski
1995 Faden, Philip G Teaching Prejudice: Mexican Americans in Texas History Textbooks. De la Teja Swinney Boone
1995 Goldman, Kay C From Ghetto to Gonzales, from Oppression to Opportunity: The Study of Jewish Businesses Along the Victoria Road. Brown Swinney Ford
1995 Hassmann, Jeff Scott Civic Faith: The Political Thought of the Church of Christ 1952-1962. Brennan Andrews Swinney
1995 Hildebrandt, David Eric Reports from St. Petersburg: The British Embassy's Evaluation of Sergei Witte's Economic and Industrial Programs, 1900-1901. Dunn Margerison Gross
1995 Milner, Larry S From Flint to Fiber Optics: A History of Texas Business, Including a Historiography, a Chronology, and a Bibliography. Brown Swinney De la Teja
1995 Murr, Erika L Exploring the Myths of the Southern Lady Through the Writings of Elizabeth Scott Neblett. Bynum Brown Leder
1995 Van't Hooft, Mark A Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy Regarding Yugoslavia, 1939-1945. Dunn Swinney Lochman
1994 Biehler, Nancy A America's Square Dance: The Social Record of Bascom Lunsford and Lloyd Shaw as Evidence of a Changing Nation in the Nineteenth-Century Trans-Mississippi West Bynum Swinney Gross
1994 Coker, Jeffrey W A Leftward Glance: The Depression Era Politics of Dreiser, Dos Passos, and Anderson. Brunson Swinney Mihalkanin
1994 Farris, Nona J The Austrian Annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Context of Russo-British Relations. Dunn Bynum Brunson
1994 Fonville, Shawn L Voter Registration, Disfranchisement, and the Electorate in Texas Reconstruction, 1867-1869. Swinney Josserand Boone
1994 Griffin-Hutchings, Katherine John Caldwell Calhoun: A Proponent of Nationalism, 1817-1825. Pohl Jager Fischer
1994 Grover, Daniel D Anti-German Sentiment: The Prohibitionist Weapon. Swinney Dunn Day
1994 Lala, Jack Academic Freedom Under Duress: Political Witch Hunts at the University of Texas, 1939-1952. Brown Swinney Hofer
1994 McNamee, Larry J Harry S. Truman and Joseph Stalin: A Study in Contrasting Personal and Political Character. Jager Dunn Stimmel
1994 Smith, David A Containment in the Middle East: The Origins and Evolution of the Eisenhower Doctrine. Dunn Pohl Ronan
1994 Stringer, Gregory Vonn Funding a Nation: The Fiscal Policy of the United States, 1861-1869. Swinney Pohl Balanoff
1994 Weitz, Mark A Mobocracy: The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776. Liddle Swinney Balanoff
1994 Willms, Emily Ann The Western Allies and the Soviet Union: The Fate of the Baltic States, 1939-1943. Dunn Swinney Day
1993 Etienne-Gray, Trace M Exceeding Expectations: Politics and Feminism in the Life of Jane Y. McCallum. Bynum Margerison Leder
1993 Foshee, Page S San Antonio, the Centennial, and the Cenotaph: Grounds for Controversy: J. Frank Dobie and Pompeo Coppini Jager Brown Haeberlin
1993 Garcia, Grace M John McAuley Palmer: 'The Army's Leading Authority' Pohl Jager Hill
1993 Pacious, Daniel M Seawolves of the Conferency: The Origin, Development, and Operations of the Confederate States Marines Corps. Pohl Josserand Boone
1993 Preuss, Gene B Progressivism in Texas: The Origins of LBJ's Educational Philosophy. Swinney Kissler Holt
1992 Blankenship, Whitney G Pharisees and Scribes: The Use of Judaic Imagery in New Light Protests and the Old Light Response. Liddle Swinney Brunson
1992 Collins, Steven G From Pikes to Gunpowder: Josiah Gorgas and the Arming of an Agrarian Nation. Pohl Kissler Kurtz
1992 Fisher, David Lyle Drought and Depletion: Hays County, Texas in the 1950s. Wilson Margerison Ugalde
1992 Kiel, G P A History of Canyon Dam. Brown Day Kissler
1992 Waite, Charles V Anglo-German Naval Rivalry, 1897-1914. Josserand Margerison Sullivan
1992 Whitley, William M Mirrors of Time: An Analysis of Some Selected American Historians' Reflections About History. Swinney Margerison Farlow
1992 Womack, Richard Dean Brigadier General George Crook's Solution to the Arizona Apache Problem. Pohl Kissler Kurtz
1991 Bradford, Marlene Drought and Desperation: Irving Krick and Texas Rainmaking in the 1950s. Wilson Jager Millms
1991 Brooks, Donn Patton East Tennessee's Forgotten Soldiers: The 43rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America. Pohl Swinney Farlow
1991 Cravens, Chris Edwin A. Walker and the Right Wing in Dallas, 1960-1966. Brown Hill Liddle
1991 Scudder, Carl F Field Marshal Von Manstein in Southern Russia. Pohl Margerison Ronan
1990 Ferrell, Melinda War with Spain, Cuban Campaign: The Tenth United States Cavalry Regiment. Pohl Swinney Ronan
1990 Hildebrandt, Mary C The Roman Catholic Church and the Polish Nation. Dunn Josserand Ronan
1990 Ingram, Ralph History of the U.S.S. South Dakota (BB-57) in World War II. Pohl Dunn Smith
1990 Leal, Roland Stay Away from the Polls: Colonel William H. McCardle and Congressional Reconstruction in Mississippi. Swinney Dunn Swanson
1990 Stephens, Thomas R German Auxiliary Troops of the American Revolution. Pohl Liddle Marquardt
1990 Williamson, Rana K It Gave You Character: The Seven Year Drought of the 1950's: Texas, West Texas, and Kimble County. Wilson Swinney Brunson
1990 Youngblood, Norman E The Most Murderous and Barbarous Conduct: The Development of Mine Warfare in the Nineteenth Century American Military. Pohl Dunn Boone
1989 Brereton, Todd R The Development and Practice of American Infantry Tactics, 1917- 1918. Pohl Swinney Weinberger
1989 Clay, Captain Steven E The Texas Cavalry: A History of the 56th Cavalry Brigade. Pohl Wilson Boone
1988 Cox, Patrick L Land Commissioner Bascom Giles and the Texas Veteran's Land Board Scandals. Swinney Pohl Farlow
1988 Lightle, Richard L An Operational History and Analysis of the Rapido River Crossing, 20-23 January 1944. Pohl Dunn Sullivan
1988 Pike, William Joseph The Public Life of Andrew Jackson Donelson. Brunson Swinney Brunson
1988 Yancy, Karen A And Then There Was Light: A History of Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, 1963-1988. Brown Swinney Farlow
1987 Bounds, Laura E The Diplomacy of Patrick Egan, 1889-1892. Brunson Anderson Hindson
1987 Sutphen, David J The Tom Green Rifles: A History of Company B, Fourth Texas Infantry Regiment. Swinney Brunson Farlow
1986 Barr, Michael D An Assessment of Guerrilla Activity in Northern and Western Virginia, 1861-1865. Pohl Brunson Garofalo
1985 Glenewinkel, Jill D The Middle East Crisis of 1967: A Case Study in American-Soviet Relations. Dunn Brunson Bland
1985 Knight, Larry P Soviet Press Portrayal of Sino-Soviet Relations During the Khrushchev Years, 1953-1959. Dunn Brunson Wilson
1985 Rogers, James Douglas A Critical Analysis of the United States' Strategy for the War in Vietnam. Pohl Pool Newberry
1984 Knutson, Sam Houston Slaughter Cries in the Wilderness: The Influence of Anti-Communism on Japanese Foreign Policy 1917-1931. Dunn Brunson Hardin
1984 Schultz, Marvin E Hunters' Frontier: The Extermination of the American Bison in the Concho River Region of Texas, 1865-1880. Wilson Swinney Benjamin
1984 Vaverek, Margaret A The Press Looks at Lyndon: A Study of the Political Career of Lyndon B. Johnson As It Was Depicted in the Press of His Time, 1940-1965. Brunson Swinney Newberry
1983 Bingham, David S Indian Problems Along the Northwestern Frontier, 1862-1866. Pohl Pool Farlow
1983 Thomas, James B The South African Light Horse in the Great Anglo-Boer War. Pohl Swinney Hindson
1982 Stone, Phyllis A The Patients' View of Civil War Medicine. Swinney Pool Newberry
1981 McMillen, Node Seeds of Discontent: Legal, Historical, and Economic Aspects of Commercial Agriculture in Spanish Texas, 1719-1810. Wilson Anderson Davis
1981 Williams, Vernon Leon Lieutenant George S. Patton, Jr., Frontier Soldier, 1915-16. Pohl Pool Wolverton
1981 Wright, Allen Dean Iran and the Superpowers, 1941-1955. Dunn Brunson Hindson
1981 Wright, Ronald J The Texas-Oklahoma Division: A History of the 90th Division in World War I." Pohl Craddock Farlow
1980 Amey, Arthur Lathrop, Jr Indian Affairs and the Great Society. Wilson Pool Stouffer
1980 Brawner, Anne Guadalupe College: A Case History in Negro Higher Education, 1884-1936. Swinney Craddock Hinson
1980 Breidenbach, Victoria Koepsel Rural Electrification in Texas: Bartlett Electric Cooperative, a Case Study. Wilson Pool Rich
1980 Curtis, John J Social and Economic Controls During World War I--A Case Study: New Braunfels and Comal County, Texas. Craddock Brunson Smith
1980 Davis, Paul K The Operations of the Tigris Corps of the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force Under General Sir Stanley Maude July 1916-November 1917. Jooserand Brunson Salem
1980 Hardin, Stephen L Long Rifle and Brown Bess: Weapons and Tactics of the Texas Revolution. Pohl Wilson Laird
1980 McGee, Jimmie S An Early History of Bowie County. Pool Swinney Farlow
1980 Schumann, Iris Timmermann The Great Depression, 1929-1939: A Period of Changing Social Attitudes Toward Community Self-Reliance in New Braunfels and Comal County, Texas. Pool Craddock Sullivan
1980 Sterling, Ira, Jr James Hamilton, Jr.: The Quasi Ambassador of Texas. Brunson Pool Williams
1980 Wright, Linda Chapple The Bracero Question, 1942-1964: Congress, the Nation, and Texas. Wilson Anderson Smith
1979 Amon, Iris Butler The Rise of the Prison Chaplaincy to 1917: An Exhortation to Reform. Wilson Jager Hindson
1979 LeMaster, Mark E William Harrison Standley: United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1942-1943. Dunn Pohl Smith
1979 McGown, Nancy A History of Hays County, Texas, 1900 to 1940. Craddock Pool Gross
1979 Novosad, Ernest J Samuel Shellabarger: A Survey of His Legislative Career. Swinney Pohl Williams
1978 Dorrycott, Joyce M Ashbel Smith and the Abolitionists. Brunson Swinney Rich
1978 Mitchell, Charles W An Historiographical Analysis of the Controversy Surrounding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Pool Swinney Grayson
1977 Burke, Bethany Denise A Certain Trumpet: Margaret Chase Smith and the Demise of 'McCarthyism'. Craddock Pool Bland
1977 Cecil, Paul F Military Justice and the Mass Army: A Study of the Application of Military Law in the United States Army, 1776-1920. Pohl Swinney Henry
1977 Haschke, Gerald P The Gulf Intracoastal Canal in Texas. Brunson Pool Bland
1977 Renwick, Jack V Election of a United States Senator: Earle Bradford Mayfield. Brunson Swinney Henderson
1977 Sturckler, James A The Fenian Invasion of Canada in 1866. Brunson Pool Leder
1976 McMurrey, Mary Maynard The Diaries of Anson Jones During the Age of the Republic of Texas. Pool Brunson Newberry
1975 Campbell, Wanda Jay Legacy of Militancy: The Racial Egalitarianism of Albion W. Tourgee, 1878-1890. Swinney Craddock Brasher
1975 Chaney, Andy L The Mexican Oil Expropriations of 1938 and United States Congressional Reaction. Anderson Brunson DeShazo
1975 Costello, Susanna Moeller James Byrnes: State Department Diplomacy on the German Question, 1945-1946. Brunson Josserand Brasher
1975 Ferrell, Claudine L Bayonets and Masterly Inactivity": The 1872 Louisiana Election and Federal Intervention." Swinney Pohl Walts
1975 Kelley, Mary L The Mexican Liberal Precursors and the United States Government, 1904-1912. Anderson Brunson Walts
1975 Tanner, Ronnie R The Diplomacy of Condescension: Main Problems in Spanish-American Relations, 1861-1865. Brunson Craddock Hayes
1974 Clerico, David K Thomas Dixon, Jr. and the Trilogy of Reconstruction. Swinney Brunson Houston
1974 Harrison, Susan L The Diplomacy of General James Watson Webb, 1861-1869. Brunson Kissler Ronan
1974 Heintze, Michael Robert The Negro and the Ownership of Property: An Examination of NAACP Strategy in the Restrictive Covenant Cases. Swinney Anderson Bland
1974 Large, Bernard Lee, Jr Munich: The Abject Capitulation. Josserand Kissler Smith
1974 Lebda, James Joseph Fifty Destroyers that Terminated American Neutrality, September 2, 1940. Pohl Swinney DeShazo
1974 Olsen, Lawrence Michael Black Texans in the Red Summer’ of 1919: The Longview Race Riot. Swinney Hill Henderson
1973 Cook, James J The Death of Hope: The Historical Basis and Significance of the Adoption and Failure of the Ghost Dance Religion Among the Teton Sioux, 1890. Wilson Craddock Conoley
1973 Golden, J Frank The Plight of the Civil War Casualty. Swinney Pohl Walts
1973 Mathews, Mazie E On the Hither Edge of Free Land: Lindley Miller Keasbey and the Evolution of the Frontier Thesis. Pool Swinney Henderson
1973 Sparks, Barbara Elaine Heath The History of Grazing in Texas: An Analytical Inventory of the Findings of the Historical Records Survey. Craddock Swinney Stevens
1973 Vaughan, Arthur Kenneth Texas Farm Tenant Problem, 1929-1939. Randolph Jager Juel
1973 Ware, James Halm San Angelo and San Antonio: A Comparative Study of the Military City in Texas, 1865-1898. Wilson Pohl Shields
1973 Zamora, Raul Congressional Reaction to United States Military Assistance to Latin American Countries from 1957 to 1964. Anderson Brunson DeShazo
1972 Bruns, Sue M Persecution of German-Americans in Central Texas During World War I. Pohl Craddock DeShazo
1972 Crowley, Robert E Thomas Jefferson Green in Texas, 1836. Brunson Pool Juel
1972 Cummins, Light Townsend John Quincy Adams and the Problem of United States Participation at the Panama Congress of 1826. Swinney Anderson Henderson
1972 Hughes, Clifford Joseph A Study of Temple, Texas During World War II. Pool Anderson Zunker
1972 O'Donnell, Annice Arnold A Limited Analysis of the Historiography of the New Deal. Craddock Swinney Houston
1972 O'Neill, Norman W The Role of the University of Texas in the Impeachment of James Ferguson, 1915-1917. Pool Swinney Stevens
1972 Sievers, James L Selected Correspondence of John Wesley Hardin: From Capture to Parole. Pool Anderson Juel
1972 Tally, Janie L The Correspondence of James Treat July 15, 1835-September 7, 1839. Brunson Pool Henderson
1971 Casteel, Frances Carter Barron Trist to Treat? Brunson Pool Henderson
1971 Darnell, James G Editorial Reaction of Selected Texas Newspapers to the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920. Anderson Pool Whiteside
1971 Hill, Forest Lynn Congressional Reaction to the Korean Conflict, 1950-1953. Brunson Pool Weems
1971 Hollon, Barbara Atkins The Correspondence of Augustus W. Radcliff, 1838-1848. Brunson Pool Henderson
1971 Kennedy, Larry J A Brief History of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review and its Attitude toward the Issues of Temperance, Peace, and Abolition. Craddock Swinney Henderson
1971 Manford, Madeleine T The Correspondence of James Treat, June 9, 1836-April 19, 1839. Brunson Josserand Brasher
1971 Sales, Frank Henry United States vs Cruikshank: The Federal Courts and the Colfax Riot of 1873. Swinney Josserand Norwood
1971 Schlameus, Barron Secessionist Thought in Texas. Pool Brunson Juel
1971 Spiller, Roger Joseph American Civil-Military Integration: Unification and the Second World War, 1939-1947. Pohl Brunson Henderson
1971 Wilson, Samuel Paschal The White Primary Laws in Texas from 1923-1953. Swinney Brunson Weems
1970 Ader, Anne B The History of Protest Against Ecological Imbalance in the United States. Craddock Pool Laird
1970 Baenziger, Ann Patton Bold Beginnings: The Radical Program in Texas, 1870-1873. Swinney Pool Grimms
1970 Bass, Feris Achile The Correspondence of Samuel Swartwout. Pool Brunson Brasher
1970 Crain, John W The Origins of the Thirteenth Amendment: Emancipation in the Senate and House of Representatives, 1863-1865. Swinney Craddock Stevens
1970 Evans, Dorothy Ellen Saunders John Coffee Hays: A Texas Ranger. Pool Craddock Hayes
1970 Franzetti, Robert Joseph Elisha Marshall Pease and Reconstruction. Pool Brunson DeShazo
1970 Gregg, Joseph G John Marvin Hunter: His Life and Works. Pool Josserand Musgrave
1970 Hyden, Elmer E The Anti-Masonic Party 1827-1837. Brunson Pool Gross
1970 Janeway, Sharon K Making of a Senator from Texas, 1948. Pool Brunson Linn
1970 Jones, Betty J Joshua and the House He Built. Brunson Anderson Newberry
1970 Salinas, Jesse The Political Career of Agustin Viesca, 1825-1835. Pool Anderson Newberry
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