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Student Spotlight

Nick Crawford

Nick Crawford - History Student Spotlight

Nick Crawford | DKR Memorial Stadium Project

Nick received a Bachelors of Arts from Texas State University in 2014 with a double major in Anthropology and History, and is currently working towards his Master’s degree in History with an emphasis Public History. His areas of focus include Cultural Resource Management, Local & Community history and military history.

Nick's current project includes researching individuals listed on the University of Texas Memorial Stadium Memorial to the Honored Dead. This memorial commemorates Texans lost during World War One. Designed by sculptor Hugo Villa, the memorial is situated on the University of Texas – Austin campus. Projects completed to date include creating a searchable database of over 5,100 names listed on the Memorial to the Honored Dead. Of interest to him are U.S. Army nurses and foreign immigrants listed on the memorial. This research is part of overall efforts to recognize Texans and World War One Centennial commemoration.

Previous projects include the Cross-Town River Pathway, San Marcos, Texas with the Center for Archaeological Studies, Texas State University. This City of San Marcos project seeks to create a Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Corridor along the San Marcos River. Other projects include creation of a driving tour of historic bridges located in San Saba County, Texas for the Texas Department of Transportation. This effort was part of my summer internship program. The strategy behind the driving tour was to develop social and cultural histories of these bridges and the surrounding communities. This project combined his interests in Cultural Resource Management and Local & Community history.

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