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Miguel Carandang | History Department Undergraduate Student

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Miguel Carandang | History Department Undergraduate Student

Miguel Carandang is a History Major with a minor in political science and is also a member of Texas State University’s Undergraduate Research Group. In July 2018, he, along with fellow Texas State students, presented original research at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES-5) in Seville, Spain.

Miguel’s research focused on Rashid Khalidi’s book The Iron Cage, and set out to examine and critique many of the book’s claims to determine if they remain true ten years after it’s original publication.

Miguel’s presentation focused on the British Mandate Period of Palestine. Contrary to modern perception of the region, in the early 1900’s Palestine was a relatively peaceful place. Prior to the British taking control of region, there were relatively few major examples of violence in the area and Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in relative peace compared to today. This changed during the British mandate period as riots and violence began to flare up. Rashid Khalidi claims in Iron Cage,that the British utilized tactics designed to encourage local rivalries in order to prevent the region from forming a unified opposition.

If true, it could give major insight as too why relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities deteriorated into the conflict they experience today. Miguel’s objective was to study British policies, the motivations behind them, their consequences, and whether or not they have impacts on the world today.

Following this research project, he hopes to graduate in the Spring to become an educator to future generations.

You can find out more about Miguel and the WOCMES-5 on their Facbook page.

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