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Student Spotlight

Kassandra Avila

October Student Spotlight, Kassandra Avila

Kassandra (Kassy) Avila | History Department Alumna

After graduating from Texas State a year ago, I joined the AmeriCorps Nation Civilian Community Corps. Studying history had taught me that the victors in a story typically sacrifice their time for others when the world needs it the most and least. So, I joined this program to figure out where I felt needed most. Since graduation, I have travelled to five different states, worked for fifteen different non-profit organizations, and completed over 1700 hours of direct community service. From rebuilding houses for victims of a wildfire to removing invasive species during the Oregon winter, I saw firsthand the beauty of direct service and the unending reward it brings. AmeriCorps brought me to a world of beautifully passionate people and unforgettable memories. Like watching the sunset over the mesas in Moab, Utah or seeing an 80 year old man move into his new home two years after everything he ever owned had disappeared . Today, I am an AmeriCorps teacher at a developing outdoor educational charter school in Eugene, Oregon that I worked for as a NCCC member. After this year, I will receive my second Segal Education award of $5,785 for past or future loans. I say, if you're not sure of what to do after graduation, give yourself a year of service with AmeriCorps. You'll get money towards your education while building your resume and life experience in incredible ways.

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