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Around the Courtyard

“Around the Courtyard” provides news of history faculty and students. In addition to publications and presentations, it also includes information about the community that makes up the history department.

Fall 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Jimmy McWilliams who wrote the cover story for The American Scholar magazine, Winter 2018.

Congratulations to Dr. John McKiernan, who has a contribution in the recently published “Keywords in Latina/o Studies,” part of the Keywords series of NY Press!

Civil War History has published a roundtable on Free State of Jones, a movie based on the scholarship of our own Distinguished Professor Emeritus Victoria Bynum.

Congratulations to Dr. Ken Margerison who has been named an Honorary Professor of International Studies.

Congratulations to Jessica Pliley, who has been named one of the Moore Institute Visiting Research Fellows, National University of Ireland, Galway, 2017-2018! Jessica will be visiting Galway in May 2018.

Dr. Jimmy McWilliams was recently published in the Virginia Quarterly Review

Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Helgeson who is one the university's two nominees for the Carnegie Fellowship.

Congratulations to Sara Damiano on the publication of her article, "Writing Women's History Through the Revolution: Family Finances, Letter Writing, and Conceptions of Marriage," in the October 2017 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly!

Congratulations to Dan Utley on his new book The Presidents Speak: Addresses from the Leadership of the East Texas Historical Association, 2000-2016. Edited by Milton S. Jordan and Dan K. Utley. Nacogdoches: Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

Congratulations to De. Peter Dedek on his recent interview by the New Orleans Advocate about his book, the Cemeteries of New Orleans: A Cultural History.  You can find the interview on

Congratulations to Jeremy Roethler whose article, "Albert Leo Schlageter: First Soldier of the Third Reich or Catholic War Hero?", will appear in the Autumn 2017 issue of the Catholic Historical Review!

Congratulations to Jimmy McWilliams whose 2016 essay, "Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie," in The American Scholar, made it onto The Atlantic's annual 100 exceptional works of journalism list!

Dr. Jason Mellard's "1973 Redux: Revisiting Michael Novak and Agnes Moreland Jackson on White Ethnicity and National Belonging" appears in Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal Vol. 100, No. 3, 2017. The article reframes a 1973 point/counterpoint debate from the pages of the journal between Michael Novak ("How American Are You If Your Grandparents Came from Serbia in 1888?") and Agnes Moreland Jackson ("To See the 'Me' in 'Thee': Challenge to All White Americans, or, White Ethnicity from a Black Perspective").

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