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Ph.D.s by Texas State Graduates

List of Texas State History Graduates Earning Ph.D. Degrees in History, 1934 to Present

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Name Texas State Degree Year Dissertation Title University Date Dis. Abst. No
Kashanipour, Ryan MA 2003 A World of Cures: Colonial Yucatec Healing in the Atlantic World University of Arizona 2011
Barlow, John MA 2003 A Guiding Hand? The CIA and Foreign Policymaking in the Early Cold War University of East Anglia (England) 2009
Anderson, Jahue MA 2004 Red Earth, Salty Waters: A History of Environmental Knowledge in the Upper Red River Basin Texas Christian University 2008 AAT3352828
Esparza, Jesse MA 2002 Schools of Their Own: The San Felipe Independent School District and Mexican American Educational Autonomy, Del Rio, Texas, 1928--1972 University of Houston 2008 AAT3346396
Shreve, Bradley MA 2002 Red Power rising: The National Indian Youth Council and the origins of intertribal activism University of New Mexico 2007 AAT3268757
Mann, Bryan MA 2000 Lord Lieutenancy of Cambridgeshire under Charles I, 1625-1640 University of Leicester (England) 2007
Tomek, Beverly MA 1999 Seeking a Manageable Population: Limitation, Colonization and Black Resistance in Pennsylvania's Antislavery Movement University of Houston 2006 AAT3242263
Kosary, Rebecca MA 2001 To Degrade and Control: White Violence and the Maintenance of Racial and Gender Boundaries in Reconstruction Texas, 1865-1868, Texas A&M University 2005 AAT3270773
Westphal, Ray MA 2000 Naval Defence Policy and the House of Commons: A Study of Parliamentary Commentary Over Naval Issues, 1919-1929 University of Exeter (England) 2005
Hankins, Jeffrey R MA 1998 Local Government and Society in Early Modern England: Hertfordshire and Essex, C. 1590--1630 Louisiana State University 2005 AAT 3139296
López Trujillo, Miguel Ángel MA 1998 Historia e idea en la protección del patrimonio histórico español [History and Theory of Historic Preservation in Spain] Universidad de Alcalá (Spain) 2004
Preuss, Gene MA 1993 The Modernization of Texas Public Schools: World War II and the Gilmer-Aikin Laws Texas Tech University 2004 AAT3215628
Kearney, John D MA 1996 El Hombre De Hechos, Porfirio Diaz and the Rise of the Liberal State: War, Development, And Globalization in the First Mexican Century University of Houston 2003 AAT 3148140
Sanders, Nichole Marie MA 1996 Gender, Welfare and the Mexican Miracle: The Politics of Modernization in Postrevolutionary Mexico, 1937-1958 University of California-Irvine 2003 AAT3085992
Cheatham Goldman, Marilyn Kay MA 1995 Jewish Fringes Texas Fabric: Nineteenth-Century Jewish Merchants Living Texas Reality and Myth Texas A&M University 2003 AAT 3088124
Lopez, Nancy Lynn BA 1998 'Allowing Fears To Overwhelm Us': A Re-Examination of the House Special Committee on Un-American Activities, 1938--1944 Rice University 2002 AAT 3047336
Williams, W. Keith MA 1997 The Military Functions of the Office of Lord Lieutenant, 1585 to 1603, With Special Bmphasis on Lord Burghley University of Leicester (England) 2002
Hassmann, Jeff S MA 1995 The American Studies Program at Abilene Christian College, 1945--1970 George Washington University 2002 AAT 3032748
Neal, Tara Jane MA 1996 The Voice of the American Slave: A Quantified and Humanistic Study Comparison of Slavery in Texas and South Carolina University of Texas-Dallas 2001 AAT 3049830
Johnson, Robert BA 1986 'A Uniquely Dangerous and Promising Time': America's Protestant Establishment Confronts a New World, 1941--1950 Texas Christian University 2001 AAT3006634
Smith, David A. MA 1992 Covered Wagons of Culture: Roots and Early History of the National Endowment for the Arts University of Missouri 2000 AAT 9999316
Kelley, Mary L MA 1975 Private Wealth, Public Good: The Origins and Legacy of Foundation Philanthropy in Texas, 1920--1970 Texas Christian University 2000 AAT 9999497
Blanton, Carlos Kevin MA 1995 The Strange Career of Bilingual Education: A History of the Political and Pedagogical Debate Over Language Instruction In American Public Education, 1890-1990 Rice University 1999 AAT 9928507
Coker, Jeffrey W MA 1994 Labor's Love Lost: Left Intellectuals, Labor, and the Proletarian Myth Since the Great Depression Ohio University 1999 AAT 9944767
Collins, Steven Gedson MA 1992 Organizing the South: Railroads, Plantations, and War Louisiana State University 1999 AAT 9960046
Waite, Charles Vincent MA 1992 Price Daniel: Texas Attorney General, Governor, and Senator Texas Tech University 1999 AAT 9940325
Whitley, William Michael MA 1992 Crusades and Coalitions: The Politics of Religion and Education During the Johnson Administration, 1961-1965 Texas Tech University 1999 AAT 9925636
Montgomery, Rebecca S BA 1991 Gender, Race, Class and the Politics of Reform in The New South: Women and Education in Georgia, 1890--1930 University of Missouri 1999 AAT 9953883
Rice, Gary Harold BA 1993 The Lost Sheep of the Korean War University of Texas-Austin 1998 AAT 9937129
Weitz, Mark Alan MA 1992 A Higher Duty: Desertion Among Georgia Troops During the Civil War Arizona State University 1998 AAT 9828225
Bradford, Marlene Kay MA 1991 From Finley to NEXRAD: The Evolution of Tornado Forecasting and Warning Capabilities in the United States, 1870-1996 Texas A&M University 1998 AAT 9830878
Stephens, Thomas R. MA 1990 In Deepest Submission: The Hessian Mercenary Troops in the American Revolution Texas A&M University 1998 AAT9830987
Knight, Lawrence Phillip MA 1985 Becoming a City and Becoming American: San Antonio, Texas, 1848-1861 Texas A&M 1997 AAT 9815777
Hartman, Gary Alan BA 1992 The Immigrant as Diplomat: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Shaping of Foreign Policy in the Lithuanian-American Community, 1870-1922 University of Texas-Austin 1996 AAT 9719373
Cox, Patrick Lloyd MA 1988 'Put The Jam on the Lower Shelf': The Early Career of United States Senator Ralph Webster Yarborough University of Texas-Austin 1996 AAT 9633135
Brereton, Todd Richard MA 1989 An Impractical Sort of Officer: The Army Career of Arthur L. Wagner, 1875-1905 Texas A&M University 1994 AAT 9432648
Schultz, Marvin. E. MA 1984 For the Better Administration of Justice: The legal culture of Texas, 1820-1836 Texas Christian University 1994 AAT9426815
Williamson, Rana K MA 1990 The Heat from the Forge: Aspects of the Seven Year Drought of the 1950s in Texas Texas Christian University 1993 AAT 9414050
Thomas, James Brown MA 1983 Sir Redvers Buller in the Post-Cardwellian Army: A Study of the Rise and Fall of a Military Reputation Texas A&M 1993 AAT 9410887
Pike, William J. MA 1989 The Development of the North Sea Oil Industry to 1989, With Special Reference to Scotland's Contribution University of Aberdeen, Scotland 1991
Hardin, Stephen L MA 1980 Texian Iliad: A Narrative Military History of the Texas Revolution, 1835-1836 Texas Christian University 1989 AAT 9004447
Williams, Vernon Leon MA 1981 The U. S. Navy in the Philippine Insurrection and Subsequent Native Unrest, 1898-1906 Texas A&M 1985 AAT 8528397
Baenziger Malone, Ann Patton MA 1970 The Nineteenth Century Slave Family in Rural Louisiana: Its Household and Community Tulane University 1985 AAT 8605902
Cecil, Paul Frederick MA 1977 The Air Force Ranch Hand Project in Southeast Asia: Operations and Consequences (Herbicides, Defoliation, Agent Orange) Texas A&M 1984 AAT 8428740
Ferrell, Claudine L MA 1975 Nightmare and Dream: Antilynching in Congress, 1917-1922 Rice University 1983 AAT 8314931
Heintze, Michael Robert MA 1974 A History of the Black Private Colleges In Texas, 1865-1954 Texas Tech University 1981 AAT 8202071
Cummins, Light Townsend MA 1972 Spanish Agents in North America During the Revolution, 1775-1779 Tulane University 1977 AAT 7720203
Spiller, Roger Joseph MA 1971 John C. Calhoun as Secretary of War, 1817-1825 Louisiana State University 1977 AAT 7807560
Saunders, Bruce David MA 1967 Herbert Baxter Adams and the Development of American Higher Education 1876-1901 University of Texas-Austin 1975 AAT 7516736
Elliott, Claude BA 1923 The Life of James W. Throckmorton University of Texas-Austin 1934