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Government Partnerships Program

Government Partnerships Program

The Government Partnerships Program is a Texas State University initiative helping government agencies and non-profits with the challenges you face by tackling the projects you don’t have the time, staffing, and/or expertise to handle. We are a unique type of consultancy that leverages the cutting-edge knowledge, energy, and resources of Texas State University for your gain. While we specialize in transforming raw data into actionable information, we can accomplish a wide variety of tasks using custom-built student teams and innovative approaches. Our cost-effective solutions are easy to procure and can be scaled to handle large or small projects.

We are here to help you achieve your goals. We can provide the skills, energy, and new ideas to make you and your stakeholders proud!  You get the benefit of advanced learning without getting bogged down in academic theory. You also get an independent perspective on your operations, which can be invaluable.

While helping your organization, we also help high caliber, upper level and graduate students learn to work in a collaborative, on-campus work environment addressing real world challenges. This invaluable experience leads many of our student employees to secure jobs with their client agencies upon graduation.

The Government Partnerships Program was started in 2003 and has employed more than 400 students on $11 million worth of local and state government contracts.


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