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Meeting Presentations

February 2017

     - Chartwells POs, Open Encumbrance Report, Invoice Payments, Mileage Rates, International Travel

October 2016

     - Travel Updates, Temporary Staffing, AP Updates, Property Transfers, Enterprise Rentals

August 2016  (please request a copy of this presentation by contacting

     - FY16 Closures, New Purchasing Thresholds, Total Contract Manager

March 2016

     - AP Reminders, E-NPO, Hand Receipts, Travel Updates

January 2016

     - Export Controls, IT Security & Software, Sourcing Director Overview

September 2015

     - Senate Bill 20 Update

August 2015

     - FY 2015 Close Out Deadlines, E-NPO/IDT Clarifications Vendor               Maintenance, and Goods Receipts

March 2015

     -TSUS Marketplace  New Look, Staples Contacts Update, Education Advisory Board

January 2015