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How do I search for a SAP Vendor?

Please click here to watch the following video.

What can delay the process?

  1. Incomplete forms
  • missing section E (Tax information)
  • under section C, answer regarding payments to be forwarded to a financial institution outside the United States missing
  • 1 page of 2 pages missing 
  1. Ilegible forms
  2. Missing signature on section E
  3. Not sent directly to the FI Master Data Center
  4. Faxing wrong sides of Vendor Maintenance Form, resulting in receiving blank forms

If you cannot find the vendor in the system in a reasonable time please let us know, one of the problem above might have stopped the process.

The vendor I am trying to use is blocked. What does it mean?

The FI Master Data Center is continuously verifying and correcting vendors to keep our database up-to-date. Sometimes the vendor name will denote the new/right vendor to use by stating "use XXXXXX". Also, sometimes the comment field in ZMK03 will state the reason why the vendor was blocked (i.e. TIN Matching, which means that our information does not match the IRS database; Purged, which means the vendor has been inactive and has also met the retention period for the records management so documentation might not be available).

Please look in the system for another vendor number, ask the vendor for a new vendor maintenance form, or contact the FI Master Data Center for more information.

When does a vendor become inactive in SAP?

In order to keep our vendor database up-to-date, periodically the vendors that haven't had any activity in the past two years will be blocked due to inactivity. A new vendor maintenance form is required to reactivate the vendor and keep the purchasing requisition process efficient.

The vendor I am trying to use is marked for deletion. What does it mean?

Periodically the FI Master Data Center marks for deletion all the vendors that have never been used.

How do I know when the vendor is set up?

If we received vendor maintenance form with your information on section F from the vendor we will email you the number once it is entered/updated in the system.

Also, if you would like to request a custom vendor maintenance form or receive a weekly list of vendors set ups,  please send us an email to fimdc@txstate.edu.

What is a State Hold?

State Hold is a total block on payments to any individual, company, or corporation who is indebted to the state or has a tax delinquency.




I was inquiring an employee vendor number and received a message saying "Vendor 3XXXXX has not been created for purchasing organization 7540". What does it mean?

When searching for an employee, be sure to remove the Purchasing Organization 7540 and Purchasing organization data because you are not able to purchase from a employee.

The vendor only changed its address, Could you change it in SAP?

In order to keep a backup of the changes we made on the system and to verify that nothing else has changed we request a new vendor maintenance form.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Please click here to sign up for direct deposit.

Note: we currently only allow direct deposits to US banks



What do the vendor numbers mean?

Range Description
1 - 99999 Incorporated vendors
100000 - 199999 State of Texas Agencies & Univ.
200000 - 299999 Federal Agencies & Institutions
300000 - 399999 Texas State University Employees (reimbursements)
400000 - 499999 Third Party Payroll (for payroll use ONLY)
500000 - 599999 Not Corporate + Dr’s & Attorneys
600000 - 699999 Permitted Payee (Remit To’s, for AP use ONLY)
8000000 - 8999999 Former Self-Service Direct Deposit for Students (No longer in use)

How do I know if a vendor is in BOBCATalog?

SAP vendor in BOBCATalog will have comment stating so.

Also, you can use the browse suppliers option in BOBCATalog for a complete list of vendors.

 BOBCATalog browse