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TRAVELTracks Training

Travel Assistants

In addition to the self-service and efficient travel process, TRAVELTracks includes a Travel Assistant role for designated employees to assist travelers with the system.

A Travel Assistant can create, update, view, and save travel requests and expense reports on behalf of their travelers. However, travelers are still responsible for submitting the electronic documents in order to generate workflow.

The designation of Travel Assistant roles will be managed by Cabinet Officers and Academic Deans. Travel Assistant roles are assigned after:

Additionally, Travel Assistants must annually review and agree to comply with the Employee Confidentiality Agreement due to the sensitive nature of the information they process.

Helpful Procedure Guides

The below training documents are updated as needed as well as notifications of updates sent out to the campus.

Create a Travel Request

Create an Expense Report

TRAVELTracks Travel Assistant Instructions

TRAVELTracks Trip Clean-Up

Save and Send a Travel Request (one page guide)

Save and Send an Expense Report (one page guide)

Approve Documents: Account Manager Guide

Approve Documents (one page guide)

Create a Substitute Approver (one page guide)

Record Lodging  (one page guide)

Add Destinations (one page guide)

Run ZELST in SAP - Find Personnel Numbers (one page guide)

Training Classes

Register for hands-on TRAVELTracks training online via the SAP Portal under Professional Development.

Please Note: Registration is required to activate your training User ID, which you must have in order to participate in the class.