Travel Assistant Notes

Welcome Aboard!  

As a travel assistant, you are the frontline connections between your travelers and our office.  In order to ensure that you have the latest information about system, policy and procedural changes, we developed this notes page for quick reference. 

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New Training Guide - Save & Send an Expense Report

A new one page guide is available for Expense Reports.  Submitting for an expense report is different than a travel request.

Personnel Numbers

There have been several questions regarding personnel numbers (PRNR).  You can use active and inactive PRNRs, and you can find them through SAP transaction ZELST.  See Travel Assistant FAQs and Training.

Additional Destinations

Do you know how to add or when to add Additional Destinations on your travel rquest?  Click here for a quick guide.

Travel Forms Updated

Consultant/Participant Travel Claim Form, Daily Mileage Worksheet, Foreign Approval Form, and other forms have been updated.  Check out the new design to the forms page.

Expense Report - Should I Proceed?


Yes, this message is relaying that the events on the expense report occurred in the past.  Click Proceed to continue.