Travel Assistant Training

TRAVELTracks provides employee travelers the opportunity for a self-service, paperless and faster travel process.  In addition, TRAVELTracks includes a Travel Assistant role for designated employees to assist travelers with the system.

A Travel Assistant can create, update, view and save travel requests and expense reports on behalf of travelers.  Travelers are responsible for submitting the electronic documents in order to generate workflow.

Designation of Travel Assistant roles will be managed by Cabinet Officers and Academic Deans.  Travel Assistant roles are assigned after:

Annually Travel Assistants must review and agree to comply with Employee Confidentiality Agreement due to the sensitive nature of the information they process.

Becoming a Travel Assistant

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What is a travel assistant?

The Travel Assistant is a role in TRAVELTracks which allows a person to perform all activities required to create, change and save a Trip Request or an Expense Report for other employees/travelers.  The Travel Assistant may "Save and Send for Approval” a Travel Request, but may not "Save and Send" an Expense Report.

Who can be a travel assistant?

Designation of Travel Assistant roles will be managed by Cabinet Officers and Academic Deans.  Travel Assistant role is assigned after:  Cabinet-level or designee approval on the SAP Departmental Security Request Form and attendance to annual training.

What form do I need to get security to be a travel assistant?

Complete the SAP Financial - Departmental Services Security Authorization Form.  Be sure to obtain the Cabinet-level or designee approval, as well as have attended training before submitting the form to SAP Security.

Do I need to attend special training to be a travel assistant?

Yes, you must attend training from the Accounts Payable & Travel Office before you can receive access.  This training is required annually to maintain the role.

How do I find/choose the employee to create his/her travel?

Log in to SAP Portal.  Once in TRAVELTracks, click on My Employees to add employees to your list of travelers.  Refer to TRAVELTracks Reference Guide for step by step instructions.

Can a traveler have more than 1 travel assistant?

For many reasons, a traveler may have more than 1 travel assistant to create documents in TRAVELTracks. 

Working as a Travel Assistant

Can I "Save and Send for Approval" on behalf of the traveler and start workflow?

Travel Request = Yes

Expense Report = No

The travelers must sign in on TRAVELTracks and “Save and Send for Approval” his/her own expense report.  This is similar to the traveler signing a paper form.  Electronic documents not submitted by the traveler will be returned and workflow will start again.

Can I see only those trips that I created?

You can see ALL the trip requests and expense reports prepared by the traveler, by you or by any other travel assistant.  It is not limited to only the trips you created on their behalf.

When I save the trip, does the traveler receive a notification automatically?

You must notify your traveler separately that you have completed a trip request or expense report for their review.

Can I make changes or add attachments on a trip already saved by the traveler?

Yes, but if the traveler has submitted the request or report and workflow has already started, the traveler will need to “Save and Send for Approval” again to restart workflow with the new information.

When the request is rejected, will the travel assistant also be notified?

Yes, once the travel request is rejected, both the traveler and the travel assistant will receive the system generated e-mail.  The Accounts Payable/Travel Office will follow up with the specifics of the rejection.

How do I know which personnel number (PRNR) to use?

You need to know which is the employee's primary number or the one applicable to his/her travel.

In some cases, an employee has a PRNR for each position (i.e. faculty and program director.)  For faculty travel that the faculty chair will approve, choose the faculty PRNR.  For program travel that the reports to the AVPR or to the dean, choose the program director PRNR.

During the summer, the faculty's teaching PRNR for fall/spring is inactive, but his summer assignment is active.  You would want to choose the inactive PRNR because the summer PRNR will expire and no further activity can occur.

How can I find the employee's personnel numbers?

As a travel assistant, you have access to ZELST.  How to Use ZELST