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Who will approve the traveler's request?

TRAVELTracks will route the travel request to the appropriate approvers based on the Travel Approval Matrix. 

For reimbursements, TRAVELTracks will route the expense report if there is a signficant difference to the original approvals or if the approvals were not obtained with the travel request.

AP Approval, aka Travel Office, will be the final approval for each document.

Note: If the traveler is the approver, the traveler's organizational supervisor will approve the travel request. 

How do I approve a travel document?

Go to the Worklist in SAP Portal in the same format as approving timesheets.  Below are the reference documents to approving a travel document.

How To Approve Documents Quick Reference

Approve Documents:  Account Manager Reference Guide (Detailed)

How will I know when I need to approve?

Every hour, account managers will receive an e-mail if a new requests is ready to approve.  Account managers will not receive reminder e-mails. 

Note:  The e-mails are for any new items in the Worklist.  This includes:  time sheets, requisitions and travel documents.

What if the account manager is out of the office? Who approves?

Account managers can designate substitutes for travel workflow.  The account manager can do so on-line and update as needed.  Click here for a quick "How To" create a travel substitute.

Will the requisition substitutes get travel approval notifications?

Being a requisition approver does not include travel approval.  Although requisition substitutes can also be travel substitutes, the account manager must assign the substitute with "travel approval" rights in the Worklist.

Click here for a quick "How To" create a travel substitute.

If I am an approver for more than 1 task, will I get separate e-mails?

No, when you approve a document, you will approve for all required tasks (account manager, supervisor, excess lodging, etc.)

For requests with multiple cost assignments, which account manager will approve?

Every account manager of each cost assignment will be asked to approve use of their funds.  Since there can be up to 6 different cost assignments, there can be up to 6 account manager approvals.

When is account manager approval required for an expense report (reimbursement)?

Account managers will approve expense reports only when the expense report has a significant change from what was approved on the travel request.

Example of significant changes:

  • Change of destinations
  • Adding or changing to a new cost assignment
  • Adding or changing travel dates
  • Expenses exceed the amount encumbered by the appropriate tolerance