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Policy, Process and Technology Changes

During the course of this project, Texas State travel policies and procedures were reviewed to identify possible enhancements.  The following are a list of the policies and procedures which were streamlined to improve processing and reimbursements:

June, 2011 Updates

Sending Travel Requests

Effective immediately, travel assistants may “save and send” travel requests on behalf of the travelers.  This process change does not modify the traveler’s signature requirements for the expense reports and the Foreign Travel/Release of Liability Form.  Be sure to attach the signed release of liability form to the travel request before submitting to workflow.

Lodging and Meals

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) rates for lodging and M&IE were adopted for domestic travel.
  • Department of State (DoS) rates for lodging and M&IE were approved for foreign travel.
  • No meals receipts required for any travel.
  • No zero-based receipts required for lodging.  Travelers may submit the "express checkout" receipt in lieu of the zero-based receipt.
  • Non-overnight meal allowances were authorized for travelers whose job responsibilities require frequent and routine non-overnight travel.
  • Personal incidental expenses, such as laundry, gratuities or personal toiletries, are covered under the daily amount authorized by GSA or DoS M&IE per diem.
  • First and last day travel is paid at 75% of the full M&IE per diem rather than accounting for times of departure or arrival to designated headquarters on first and last days of travel.


  • For mileage reimbursements determination, all travel begins and ends at designated headquarters.
  • MapQuest or vehicle odometer readings are the forms to substantiate your miles.


  • Approvals are obtained at the travel request stage.
  • Reimbursement vouchers only require the traveler's signature with an approved travel request.
  • Excess lodging approval for Academic Affairs has been delegated to the Chairs.
  • Revised tolerances to allow payment of insignificant overages for eligible travel costs without requiring additional approvals.
  • Eliminated the need to substantiate baggage charges for up to 2 bags.
  • A Travel Assistant role is available to help with the creation of travel requests and creation of travel expense reimbursement requests.