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GLs and Cost Assignments


What type of back-up is required to support an e-NPO?

  • An original itemized receipt is required for reimbursement.
  • A credit card receipt with only the total amount is not sufficient documentation.
  • If the company is being paid directly, the invoice must include the remittance address.

What form do I use to request payment for a contracted service?

If the expense is a contracted service, please use the Contracted Service Payment Voucher (Form FS-03) located at  Contact Procurement and Strategic Sourcing for questions on contracted services.

Goods Receipts

When and how do I need to submit a Goods Receipt?

When goods connected to a Purchase Order are delivered to the department directly from a vendor, the department must complete the Goods Receipt Notification Form so that the invoice can be paid.  The form is located at



I created a PO. When will it be paid?

An invoice and a goods receipt or signature approval are required so that a payment can be made against a PO.  Once all three are received by Accounts Payable, and all match, the payment is processed.

How do I search for an invoice payment in SAP?

This information should serve as a reference guide for reviewing payment questions and verification of vendor payments. Please click on the following link to access the instructions:

The vendor has not received payment for an invoice, but the charge hit my budget. How did this happen?

When a valuated goods receipt is processed on a purchase order, the expense shown on the purchase order hits your budget.  This means that your account could be charged before the invoice is paid.  When payment is made, the expense is adjusted to reflect the actual dollar amount paid.

How do I pay a vendor who isn't in the university system?

*  Complete the Texas State Vendor Maintenance Request/Substitute W-9 (FS-01).

*  Vendor must complete the form and email to Contact Procurement at (512) 245-2521 with any questions.

*  Once the vendor has been issued a vendor number, create your Purchase Order.

*  Order your merchandise.

*  Invoices should be emailed to or mailed directly to Accounts Payable, PO Box 747, San Marcos, TX, 78667.

*  Submit Goods Receipt or signature approval.

*  Payment can be processed.

When can I use the generic vendor number 700001?

One-time Vendors: Use vendor number 700001 for domestic vendors, 700020 for club accounts (domestic vendors and club accounts will be paid by check), and 700025 for foreign vendor wire payments. It is not necessary to have a vendor set up in SAP, so this may be used for one-time refunds or reimbursements to non-employee individuals (e.g. students, prospective employees, visiting guests). Note: All payments for services or products require a unique vendor number in SAP.

Allowable Expenses

I am having a faculty or staff meeting. Can I buy small items (cookies, etc.) for the meeting?

Coffee and bottled water are permitted.  Food items are only reimburseable according to the Business Meals Policy.  accounts-payable/resources/business-meal.html

Is there a dollar limit to a retirement gift paid from university funds?

Based on tax regulations and UPPS, the gift must be under $400 to remain non-taxable.  E&G funds is limited to $100.  Other university or personal funds can be used.

Can I purchase a laptop computer or other asset on-line and get reimbursed?

No.  A Purchase Order must be created for any asset.  For specific questions about assets, please contact Cruz Jaimes in Materials Management.


What signatures are required on the Contracted Services Payment Voucher (FS-03)?

The contractor's signature can either be emailed or faxed, but the Account Manager signature must be original.  Required approvals are the Dean/Director, OSP (Grants), VP (if required), and Tax Specialist.

The PO was approved by the Account Manager. Why is approval needed on an invoice?

For PO's that do not require goods receipts, the approval confirms that the service/repair/installation was completed satisfactorily by the vendor. Approvals by departmental staff rather than requiring Account Manager approval on the invoice is allowed. This is consistent with the process for goods receipts as the Account Manager has already approved payment upon creation of the PO.