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The livestock operation at the Freeman Ranch serves two purposes 1) the use of laboratory animals for the animal science teaching and research programs in the Agriculture Department at Texas State University and 2) a  livestock operation that provides some income to help offset ranch operating expenses. The university operates the ranch as a cow-calf cattle operation, but the teaching program and research are our first priority. 

In the cow-calf operation, there are 95 mature crossbred cows and 16 replacement heifers. The cows are mainly a Brangus-Beefmaster cross. The ranch currently owns 1 polled Hereford bull and 2 black Angus bulls. For educational purposes, the ranch has two 90 day breeding seasons which provide fall and spring calves that are uses for teaching labs.

The Freeman Ranch currently manages Boer cross goats with 24 Boer cross nannys.


Baby Calf