This Week's Agenda

Faculty Senate Agenda

Wednesday, August 31, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

JCK 880

Minutes from previous meetings are available at:

4:00     Approval of July 29 meeting minutes

      UPPS 07.08.02 Voluntary Withdrawal of Students from the University, review due Sept. 7

4:10     Curriculum Information Management (CIM) system, Supancic and Autrey

4:30     Committee appointments


      Equity and Access Committee college representatives, AA, S&E and LA representatives


Univ. Research Enhancement Committee, Education representative
Univ. Performing Arts Committee
University Curriculum Committee, FA&C representative
Library Committee, Applied Arts representative
Department REP representative exception request, Applied Arts

4:45     Faculty Senate September Bulletin

5:00     Break

5:10     Senate goals for 2016-17

5:30     Fall 2016 calendar dates

  • Sept. 7            Jones faculty/staff dining room reception
  • Sept. 22          Piper Professor reception
  • Sept. 30          Referendum open forum
  • Oct. 13            Referendum open forum
  • Oct. 19            Full senate meeting (senators and liaisons)
  • Oct. 25            CAD/ Faculty Senate meeting (Tuesday, 1:30)
  • Oct. 28            Texas Council of Faculty Senates meeting
  • Nov. 7              Referendum open forum
  • Nov. 9-16         Referendum voting

5:45     Returned to agenda

Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) membership question
Faculty office hours

6:00     Adjournment