Completed Projects

2014 Grant Project Name Abstract Amount Funded
Reusable Bags Reusable bags have been funded for students in order to reduce waste from disposable bags. $3,950
ECO Game Day Recycling ESC volunteers sifted through game day waste to divert recyclable trash from being sent to landfills. $485
Bobcat Blend Composting units have been installed to utilize the food waste gathered from dining halls on campus, along with green waste to create nutrient dense soil. $26,596
Jute Bags Jute Bags were supplied and passed out on Earth Day to students in order to reduce waste from disposable bags, and spread environmental awareness. $2,375
Trashnation Trash Diversion Implementation $350
Propeller Guards Propeller Guards were installed $2,700
Paws Magnet/Chip Clip Chip clips were distributed at Earth Day celebrations to spread awareness of the ESC. $325
Outdoor Classroom/Living Library A vacant space was converted into an outdoor classroom/living library to provide students a means of pursing their education away from traditional lighting and electronic use. $19,635
Vermicomposting Program Vermicomposting units and maintenance was funded to expedite the composting process from Bobcat Blend's composting units. $1,168
3D Signage for Bobcat Blend "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua." $1,204
Duel Flush Toilets in JCK Dual flush toilets were installed in parts of campus to reduce water usage. $6,333
Spring River Clean Up The ESC provided tools, supplies and volunteers for the annual river clean up event in San Marcos. $325
“Switch” Screening Switch Screening $2,000