Control of Keys to Facilities                                                 UPPS No. 08.02.01

Issue No. 7

Effective Date: 03/31/2011

                                                                                                Review: October 1 E5Y

                                                                                                Attachment I





01.01  The university’s key control policy is the framework by which all keys and facility access credentials are issued, duplicated, stored, controlled, returned, replaced, and accounted for to maintain security in residence hall rooms and security of facilities, equipment, furnishings, books and confidential material.


02.       KEY SYSTEMS


02.01  Access Services designs key systems for use on university facilities. Access Services must approve all key systems used or installed on university-controlled property or facilities.


02.02  Definitions


a.    Great Great Grand Master (GGGM), Great Grand Master (GGM), Grand Master (GM) Keys – are the highest keys in a system depending on the number of levels in the system, with GGGM being the most complex. This key operates all locks in a keyway, opens multiple locks, for multiple buildings.


b.    Master Key – operates all locks within a building or group of locks in multiple buildings.


1)    Building Master Key – operates all locks within a building.

2)    Mechanical or Custodial Master Key – operates all locks in a group of locks for specific use rooms across multiple buildings (i. e. mechanical rooms, Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) or communications rooms).

3)    Sub-Master (Floor-master) – operates all locks in a specified area of a building. Typically on a by-floor basis but can span multiple floors depending on building usage.


c.    Change Key – operates one lock, or two or more locks keyed alike within a building. This is the lowest level key in a keyway.


d.    Departmental Key File – are change and master keys maintained by a department for periodic or incidental use or issuance to an employee (i. e. on-call key rings, first-call classrooms).




03.03  The university Lock Shop will maintain a complete set of keys of all university facilities, buildings, and locks in a secure monitored location with a multi-method access log showing each instance the keys are accessed and by whom.




04.01  The manufacturing, cutting, or duplicating of any university key by a person other than the university locksmith is forbidden and offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.




05.01  Access Services will issue and document all university facilities keys.


05.02  Each divisional or departmental office administrative head or account manager shall designate a person or persons who are authorized to request the issuance of keys to buildings or rooms under the control of their department or division. Access Services will maintain a list of authorized key requestors.


05.03  Access Services will coordinate with authorized key requestors to establish practices and procedures within the divisions and departments supportive of proper key control.




06.01  Access Services will conduct annual audits of issued keys.


a.    Access Services will provide each department with a list of keys issued to the department or to departmental personnel for verification of key inventory and issuance. Departments will complete an audit of keys and return the audit to Access Services.


b.    Access Services may conduct physical on-site audits of individual or departmental keys at anytime.


c.    Access Services will conduct annual physical audits of all GGGM, GGM, GM, and Secure Keyway keys.


d.    Access Services will conduct annual physical audits of all keys issued off the university’s keyways (also known as “off-master” keys).




07.01  Issuance of Keys


a.    Authorized key requestors shall request keys from the Lock Shop in writing (e. g., campus mail, email, work order) including the name and office of the intended key holder, and a list of the buildings and rooms to which the key holder should be granted access.


b.    Only the identified key holder may pick up keys at Access Services (see exceptions noted in Sections 08. and 12.). The key holder must sign a receipt for the keys (see Attachment I, Key Issuance Form).


c.    Access Services will maintain a computerized database showing issued keys and key holders as well as written copies of receipts by key holder and by building.


d.    The keys issued to a key holder are intended for use by that person only.


07.02  Returning of Keys


a.    The key holder must return all keys to Access Services (see exceptions noted in Sections 08. and 12.).


b.    A key holder may not directly transfer keys to another person or party.  Departments may not retain keys in anticipation of the replacement or a transferring or terminating employee.


c.    Access Services will update its records to show the return of the keys.


07.03  Keys to Housing and Residential Life Facilities


a.    The director of Housing and Residential Life or a designee is responsible for issuing residence hall, residence room or apartment keys for use by residents and departmental employees.


b.    Housing and Residential Life will maintain procedures and records for key control in line with this policy and approved by Access Services.


c.    For the issuance of replacement residence hall keys, or the re-keying of any campus housing area, the director of Housing and Residential Life or a designee will provide a written request or work order to Access Services.


d.    The authorized key requestor for Housing and Residential Life will sign a receipt for keys issued to Housing and Residential Life.


e.    Housing and Residential Life is authorized to charge the resident for costs associated with lost keys and the expense of re-keying to recover both actual costs (labor, materials, and markup) and administrative costs required to process the work request. Housing and Residential Life will initiate these charges. The director of Housing and Residential Life or a designee will provide a work order to the Lock Shop which indicates the number of keys necessary as well as other work required.


07.04  Keys to Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC)


The Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC) University Police Department (UPD) office located at the RRHEC will manage and control key issuance on that campus in accordance with this policy.


08.       MASTER KEYS


08.01  Obtaining Master Keys


a.    Employees who are authorized to obtain building master keys are:


1)    Vice presidents (for the J. C. Kellam Building and any other building where space is assigned to the vice president's division);

2)    Academic deans (any academic building under their responsibility);

3)    Custodial supervisors (building responsible for);

4)    Maintenance supervisors (building responsible for);

5)    Director of Housing and Residential Life (for residential hall staff use);

6)    Department chairs and school directors (in any building assigned exclusively to one academic or administrative department);

7)    Director, Materials Management;

8)    Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management; and

9)    Access Services and Lock Shop.


b.    Building Master Key Sets – The following offices will maintain a complete set of the building master keys. All other key requests for building master keys must be approved by the appropriate vice president:


1)    Vice President for Student Affairs (necessary keys for access to all spaces, including separately-keyed areas as addressed in Section 13.02);

2)    University locksmith (all locks on campus, including separately or off-master keyed areas);

3)    University Police, director of Facilities Operations, director of Custodial Operations, and director of Materials Management (all building master keys, not including the separately or off-master keyed areas); and

4)    The associate director of Housing and Residential Life-Residence Services (building master keys for all residence halls and all areas within the halls).


c.    Building Mechanical and Custodial Master Keys – Employees in the following departments are authorized to receive master keys to mechanical rooms and custodial closets as required to perform their job duties:


1)    University Police Department;

2)    Associate director of Housing and Residential Life-Residence Services;

3)    Information Technology;

4)    Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management;

5)    Facilities custodians and the trade shops; and

6)    Campus Recreation.


d.    Sub-master keys (floor-masters) – Administrative heads responsible for all the space the sub-master key controls, and the building custodians and maintenance personnel, as needed to perform their job duties are authorized to receive sub-master or floor-master keys.


08.02  Departmental Key Files


a.    The following individual departments are authorized to maintain key files for departmental duties and operations. Access Services will issue all keys used in departmental key files. The individual departments will maintain key files using key control policies and procedures in accordance with this policy and approved by Access Services:


1)    The Registrar's Office is authorized to maintain a file containing outside door keys and individual classroom keys for Derrick Hall, Evans Liberal Arts, Flowers Hall and the Centennial Hall (first-call classrooms);

2)    Housing and Residential Life is authorized to maintain key files for residential rooms and buildings; and

3)    UPD is authorized to maintain key files for Lock Shop operations.


b.    Academic functions requiring access to all academic buildings over a weekend or after normal business hours must arrange, a minimum of forty-eight hours in advance, for access through the academic department controlling the space or Access Services at 245-7656 (


08.03  Security of Master Keys (Master, GM, GGM, GGGM)


a.    To limit university risk, Access Services will issue master keys to the minimum number of employees necessary to perform needed functions.


b.    Master keys should not leave university property.


c.    Access Services will issue master keys directly to the specified individual.


d.    Those individuals issued master keys should physically secure the keys when not in personal use in either a key safe or unmarked locked cabinet or drawer inside a locked area. Access Services should review and approve key storage and practices.


e.    Departments maintaining master keys or key files not issued directly to an individual must have check-out procedures reviewed and approved by Access Services. The check-out procedures should document when the key was checked out, when returned, and the individual responsible for the key.


f.      Departments or offices maintaining master keys or key files will have a designated person to act as key controller.


g.    Access Services may conduct audits of key control practices.




09.01  Access Services may key all doorways equipped or controlled with electronic access control to a separate keyway maintained for electronic access. Access Services will determine whether an area implementation of the Secure Keyway is appropriate or warranted.


a.    Only UPD will be issued master keys, GM, GGM, or GGGM keys that operate the Secure Keyway.


b.    Issuance of change keys to individual doors or groups of doors equipped with this keyway shall be limited to one or two keys only.


c.    Keys issued to this keyway will be subject to an on-site physical key audit at least once every two years.


d.    Master keys issued to this keyway require annual physical on-site audits.


e.    Re-keying is mandatory if a Secure Keyway key is lost or misplaced.


f.      Persons who would normally have access to an area using a master key under Sections 08.01, 08.02, or 13.01 will have appropriate electronic access permissions to allow access areas keyed to the Secure Keyway.




10.01  University master, GM, GGM, GGGM keys cannot open separately-keyed or off-master keyed offices.


10.02  UPD and Access Services will provide a security and keyway analysis for all requests when receiving a request for a separately-keyed area.


10.03  The president must approve requests to key an office or other area separately from the university grand master system.


10.04 Access Services will conduct annual audits of keys issued for separately-keyed or off-master areas.




11.01  Individuals and departments must report immediately all lost, stolen, or unreturned keys to Access Services and UPD.


11.02  Access Services shall provide a written report to the director of UPD and vice president for Student Affairs outlining the exposure and risk posed by the lost key, strategies for mitigating the loss, and estimated costs.


11.03  Departments whose employees lose a key will pay to re-key all doors or buildings affected by replacing all current key holders’ keys. The vice president for Student Affairs and the director of UPD will decide the extent of re-keying.




12.01  Issuing keys for construction or contract services – Access Services will not issue keys directly to the contractor. The department’s project manager or the department head contracting the service will receive the keys. Project managers will then sign keys out to the contractor and ensure their return prior to final payment. The contractor is responsible for all lost keys under the same provisions as Section 11.03.




13.01  Grand master keys (GM, GGM, GGGM) are authorized through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and issued through Access Services. Those authorized are as follows (excluding Secure Keyway in Section 09.01).


a.   President


b.   Director of University Police


c.   Vice presidents


d.   Associate vice president for Facilities


e.   Director of Custodial Operations


f.    Director of Facilities Management


g.   Director of Facilities Operations


h.   University locksmiths


i.    Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management


j.    Planner or estimator


k.   Network operations technicians


l.    University photographer


m.  Associate director of Housing and Residential Life-Residence Services


n.   Head A/C mechanic crew supervisor


o.   Electric or fire system safety specialist


p.   Director, Planning, Design and Construction


13.02  Separately-Keyed Offices – Only the president or the director of UPD will receive keys for offices keyed separately or off-master that a university master or grand master key will not open.




14.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                          Date


Director, University Police Department      October 1 E5Y


Vice President for Student Affairs              October 1 E5Y


Associate Director, Housing and

Residential Life-Residence Services         October 1 E5Y


Access Services                                           October 1 E5Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Director, University Police; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Vice President for Student Affairs