†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††ATTACHMENT IV





Reserving individuals/organizations/departments are responsible for adhering to all guidelines


Off-Campus Caterers


1.    All caterers must be University-approved. A list of approved caterers can be downloaded from the Auxiliary Services webpage. Caterers who are not approved can apply through Auxiliary Services for permission to serve in the LBJ Student Center.

2.    The reserving party must supply the Student Center Services (SCS), Coordinator with the name of the caterer at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

3.    The reserving party is responsible for making sure the caterer adheres to the terms and conditions of the contract signed with the University. The caterers are to supply their own trashcans, trash bags and other necessary cleaning items. All trash must be removed from the area and the kitchen left clean. All charges for damages or insufficient cleaning caused by the caterers will be charged to the reserving party.

4.    The LBJ Student Center provides tables, chairs, risers, and other miscellaneous furniture for banquet and receptions. The caterer must supply dishes, linens, utensils, warmers, etc. There is a kitchen located behind the ballroom with a sink, water and ice machine.

5.    Use of the LBJ Student Center loading dock must be scheduled with the SCS Coordinator. Use of the bus loop to load or unload equipment is strictly prohibited.

6.    All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through the University Food Contractor. All events with alcoholic beverages must have security provided by the University Police. Arrangements for security are handled by the SCS Reservations Office. The reserving party is responsible for all security charges.

7.    In the event that the LBJ Student Center may need to open early or remain open later than regular operating hours to accommodate catering setup or clean up, the reserving party shall assume financial responsibility.


University Food-Service Contractor (Chartwells)


A.   All negotiations and confirmations concerning the food must be conducted directly with Chartwells (512-245-9900).

B.   Billing for Chartwells-catered events in the LBJ Student Center will be invoiced by the LBJ Student Center Reservations Office. Payment for both the food and room should be sent to the Reservations office. Make checks payable to Texas State.


Non-Catered Food


1.    Events with food provided by the reserving party must have a signed Food Waiver Form on file with the reservation. When the reserving party provides food or beverages, the reserving party assumes liability.

2.    All food items must be precooked prior to arriving in the LBJ Student Center.

3.    Tables and counters must be cleared of all trash and food items.

4.    All trash should be properly disposed of. LBJ Student Center personnel should be notified if extra trash receptacles are needed.






Reserving Individuals/Organizations/Departments are responsible for ensuring that all University policies are followed. Please initial to confirm that you have read and understand each statement below.



(†† )†††††† Events with food provided by the reserving party must have a signed Food

††††††††††† Waiver on file with their reservation.

(†† )†††††† The reserving party assumes liability for any food or beverages provided.

(†† )†††††† All food items must be precooked prior to arriving at the LBJ Student Center.

(†† )†††††† Tables and counters must be cleared of all trash and food items, and all trash should be properly disposed of.






Individuals/Organizations/Departments Name: ____________________________


Date of Food Event: _________________________________________________


Location (room): ____________________________________________________


Food Items to be Served: _____________________________________________




















Name of reserving individuals/organizations/departments:





A.           Reserving individuals/organizations/departments agree to release and indemnify the LBJ Student Center and Texas State University-San Marcos and its employees and agents from all liability for injury or illness associated with the consumption of food or beverages provided by the student organization, department or individual.


B.           Reserving individuals/organizations/departments assume responsibility for cleaning the room and any damage that may occur.


C.           In consideration for the permission extended by Texas State University-San Marcos, through its agents and employees, to use its campus facilities and in further consideration for Texas State University-San Marcos facilitating such use, I (individual named above) or we (organization named above) release, discharge and agree to indemnify Texas State University-San Marcos and all of its agents and employees, acting officially or otherwise, from an claims on account of death or on account of any injury or damage to property which may occur from any cause during the use of such facility regardless of whether such death, injury or damage is caused in whole or in part by the negligence of Texas State University-San Marcos. I/we intend to indemnify Texas State University-San Marcos and its agents and employees from the consequences of their own negligence, whether that negligence is the sole or a concurring cause of the death, injury or damage.




Signature: __________________________________Date: ______________________


E-Mail address: ______________________________Phone: ____________________


Individualís address:



Street/Post Office Box†††††††††††††††††††††† City††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† State†††††††††††††††††† Zip









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