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Sewell Park Regulations


1.   All individuals and organization members in the park must leave it in an acceptable condition. Each group must place all trash and litter from the restrooms, surrounding grounds, and other facilities in the containers provided before departing.


2.   The university holds reserving individuals and organizations financially responsible for any damage to or theft of Sewell Park property that occurs during their use of the park. Clean-up fee charges from Custodial Services are $14.57 per hour outside routine hours.


3.   A sponsor or a designated group representative must remain in the park while a reserving group member is using it.


4.   To promote health and safety in the park, the university does not allow pets, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, skateboarding, skating, in-line skating, freestyle or trick biking, or fixed gear biking on Sewell Park grounds. Violators must leave the park.


5.   All swimming or water activities are at the risk of the individual. All groups that include children (under age of 10) that are planning on swimming must pay for the services of lifeguards at a rate of $15-20 per hour.


6.   No diving or jumping is permitted from bridges or trees. Please use steps and handrail to enter the water.


7.   Special permission must be obtained to access sites within Sewell Park by vehicles. Vehicles may not be parked in the park during events, but should be moved in for set-up and take-down as necessary. Please contact the assistant director of Campus Recreation/Outdoor Recreation for permission to operate a vehicle in Sewell Park. Vehicles that are permitted in the park must operate on sidewalks and slab only, and should never be driven on the grass.


8.   Security personnel are required for groups of 200 or more. Average cost is $40 per hour. The director of UPD and Outdoor Recreation staff will determine the number of security required.


9.   All events scheduled on Sunday-Thursday must end by 11 p.m. and those on Friday and Saturday must end by 12 midnight.


10. All events that occur outside of the Outdoor Center’s normal business hours (12-6 p.m.), including weekends, will incur a fee of $8-$16 per hour to pay for park attendants. Outdoor Recreation will determine the amount of this fee.


Contact List:

Heavy equipment or trucks – Grounds Operations & Waste Management (to locate sprinkler heads)

Security – University Police Department

Tables/Chairs – Materials Management and Logistics

Electricity – Facilities