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International Student Employee Information

International graduate and doctoral students are subject to all of the requirements for employment as found in UPPS No. 07.07.06.


The account manager or designee is responsible for contacting the International Office to verify employment eligibility for all international graduate or doctoral students prior to hire. Send an e-mail to stating the proposed monthly salary and the length of the appointment, four and a half-, nine-, or twelve-month.


International student appointments may not exceed 50 percent. It is the responsibility of the account manager or designee to verify that the student is not currently employed on campus in order to insure that the total hours of employment do not exceed twenty. International students in a degree program, who are not enrolled in course work between semesters or during the summer, are eligible to work up to 100 percent.


In general, international students should not be employed on campus after the completion of their studies or degree requirements, which in most cases is the last day of graduation in the semester they complete their degree requirements. If they are employed beyond this date, both the university and the international student will have violated Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations.


There are, however, specific circumstances when some international students may continue on-campus employment if they fulfill one of the following:





International graduate and doctoral teaching and instructional assistants are tied to a class each semester and are responsible for issuing some portion of the studentís grade. If the international student has completed all the requirements for the class but must be terminated prior to the end of the semester, it is the intention of Texas State to pay the international student the entire sum for the semester. Contact Faculty Records if a stipend payment is needed.