Guidelines for Alcohol or Tobacco Sponsorship               UPPS No. 07.04.10
Issue No. 3
Effective Date: 09/30/2004
Review: January 1 E4Y

                                                                                                Attachment I





01.01  This UPPS establishes guidelines for university groups and marketers of alcohol or tobacco products advertising or co-sponsoring events or activities. Attachment I includes examples of permissible and impermissible activities. For permission to sell, serve or consume alcohol on campus, refer to UPPS No. 05.03.03 (Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure).


01.02  Advertising and promotion by co-sponsoring merchandisers of alcohol or tobacco should focus on the event or activity being held, not on the products.


01.03  The sale or giving away of items bearing the alcohol or tobacco co-sponsor's logo or message must not be the primary activity or focus. The sale or giving away of alcohol or tobacco advertising items must be tied to a student activity or campus generated activity or event.


01.04  Advertising and promotional activities shall not encourage or imply approval or acceptance of alcohol abuse, under-age drinking, drinking and driving, drinking as a solution to personal or academic problems, or drinking as necessary to social, sexual, or academic success. Where the co-sponsor is promoting alcoholic products, moderation messages must be plainly in evidence. The same proscriptions apply to tobacco products.




02.01  Student, staff, faculty groups, and staff or faculty advisors to student organizations must consult with the Director of the LBJ Student Center or designee when planning alcohol- or tobacco-related marketing activities on campus. This office will ensure compliance with university policies and can discuss other suggestions or guidelines as may be appropriate.


02.02  Tobacco and alcohol marketers will support the university philosophy of informed and responsible decision-making about the legal use or non-use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.


02.03  The visible surface area of any give away item, flyer, banner, poster, or other form of advertisement may reflect the sponsor's logo or message but the primary emphasis displayed must be either neutral or promote the organization or event sponsored. Any alcohol or tobacco logo or message displayed must be secondary and cannot diminish the primary emphasis of the event. As a guideline, secondary or product advertising will encompass no more than one-fourth of the visible surface area. No permanent signs promoting alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on campus.


02.04  The sale or giving away of alcohol- or tobacco- related logo items solely as a fundraising or promotion activity is prohibited.


02.05  Alcohol and tobacco products will not be provided as awards or prizes to any person or organization participating in any given event.


02.06  Marketing programs for alcohol will not be authorized to hold drinking contests as a part of their promotion. The giveaway of coupons for alcohol or tobacco products or free sampling of any alcohol or tobacco product will not be a part of any promotion. Alcohol may be served, however, as a refreshment to persons of legal age. If this occurs on campus, an alcohol activity permit approval form must be completed through the Dean of Students Office.


02.07  Marketing programs for alcohol and tobacco will not be permitted if the amount of donation is in any way dependent upon purchase or consumption of the alcohol or tobacco product.


02.08  When using an alcohol or tobacco sponsor for an event, the event must have an additional non-university co-sponsor that is not alcohol- or tobacco-related (See Attachment I, number 1).




03.01    Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                                      Date


Mr. Andy Rhoades, Director                                    January 1 E4Y

LBJ Student Center


Ms. Judy Row, Director                                            January 1 E4Y

Alcohol and Drug Resource Center (ADRC)


Dr. Larry Teis, Director                                             January 1 E4Y





This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities, and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Mr. Andy Rhoades, Director of LBJ Student Center; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Dr. John H. Garrison, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


Dr. James D. Studer, Vice President for Student Affairs


Dr. Denise M. Trauth, President