Parking and Transportation                                               UPPS No. 05.07.02

                                                                                                Issue No. 3

                                                                                                Effective Date: 03/7/2011

                                                                                                Review: January 1 E3Y

                                                                                                Attachments I, II, III





01.01  Texas Education Code 54.511, Purpose.


This UPPS establishes the policies and procedures not specifically covered in the annual University, Parking Traffic, and Safety Regulations.


Other information that deals with parking policy is found in UPPS No. 05.07.01, Collecting Parking Violation Fees; the annual University Parking, Traffic, and Safety regulations; and the parking Web site (


01.02  Texas State University-San Marcos recognizes that access to the facilities and services on campus is essential to realizing our educational goals. Therefore, as an institution, we aspire to:


a.   Provide adequate, reasonably convenient and safe parking for all employees, students and visitors to the extent that the beauty and environment of Texas State will not be adversely affected;


b.   Maintain an efficient and effective bus system for students, faculty, and staff to alleviate parking and traffic congestion on campus;


c.   Assure that the parking and bus systems are self-supporting;


d.   Develop, through the representative of the Transportation and Parking Committee, clear and equitable transportation, traffic, and parking policies;


e.   Enforce those policies equitably; and


f.    Cooperate with the City of San Marcos on matters of common concern.




02.01  Parking Services is responsible for issuing parking permits, enforcing university parking rules, collecting permit and violation fees, and managing parking in university parking areas.


02.02  The university will not honor departmental or self-made parking permits.


02.03  All employees and students who park a vehicle on university property, except the Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) Student Center garage, are required to complete a vehicle registration card and purchase a parking permit.


02.04  Permits must be displayed anytime a vehicle is parked on university property. Annual permits are valid for one full academic year (August 15 through August 15).


02.05  University parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For a complete set of parking regulations, see 




03.01  Faculty (full- and part-time regular) with the job code of lecturer or higher are eligible for a “red restricted” permit.


03.02  Staff (regular or temporary) employed .5 FTE or more as indicated on a Personnel Change Request (PCR) or other official university payroll document are eligible for a “red restricted” permit.


03.03  The Associated Student Government (ASG) president and vice president and others as approved by the Parking and Transportation Committee or the university president are eligible for a “red restricted” permit.


03.04  Residence hall students, as verified by the Residence Life office, are eligible for a “residential hall” permit or “commuter” permit.


03.05  Students living in university-owned apartments, as verified by the Residence Life office, are eligible for an “apartment” permit. The “apartment” permit is only valid for the specific apartment complex in which the student lives.


03.06  Graduate teaching assistants who are reported as the “teacher of record” for an organized class are eligible for a “red restricted” permit.


03.07  Parking lot signage indicates which permitted vehicles can park in the lots and the times at which these permitted vehicles may park.


04.       PERMIT FEES


04.01  The current fees associated with various permits are described in the University Parking, Traffic, and Safety Regulations.


04.02  Students who have dropped all classes, officially withdrawn from the university, or who do not return in the subsequent semester (spring only) may receive a prorated refund of the parking permit fee. If the permit is returned to Parking Services and the refund request form completed within 30 days of the following dates, refunds will be subject to the following schedule:


            For Permits Purchased Fall Semester


Dropped all classes or withdrawn from the university

by the 12th class day                                                                         100%


            Dropped all classes or withdrawn from the university

between the 12th class day and the last official date to

drop all classes or withdraw from the university (as

published) for the fall semester                                                        50%


Graduated, dropped all spring classes, or withdrawn

from the university by the 12th class day of the spring

semester                                                                                                25%


For Permits Purchased Spring Semester


Dropped all classes or withdrawn from the university

by the 12th class day                                                                         100%


Dropped all classes or withdrawn from the university
between the 12th class day and the last official date to

drop all classes or withdraw from the university (as

published) for the spring semester                                                   50%


            For Permits Purchased Summer Semester


            Dropped all classes or withdrawn from the university

by the 4th class day                                                                            100%


            Refund dates are also applicable to faculty and staff persons who terminate employment.




05.01  Visitors to Texas State are defined as persons who are temporarily on campus and not associated with the university as faculty or staff, degree or non-degree seeking students, Continuing Education employees, or Continuing Education students. Persons on campus for the sole purpose of using university facilities such as the Alkek Library, Campus Recreation, parks, and athletic fields must purchase a commuter permit. Faculty, staff and students are not considered visitors to the campus.


05.02  Visitor parking is available as follows:


a.   at the LBJ Student Center Garage and metered spaces throughout campus for a fee; and


b.   Officially designated visitor spaces do not require a fee. However, a temporary permit available from Parking Services must be displayed on vehicles parked in these spaces.


05.03  Hosts of official university guests must request guest permits from Parking Services at least two business days in advance.




06.01  General Information


a.   Parking Services, as provided in this UPPS, will work to accommodate requests for special event parking. The academic calendar will affect the ability to accommodate special event parking. Student and faculty demand diminishes during summer school terms and between semesters, making the accommodation of large-group or event parking in permit areas more likely. Most often, lots will be able to "absorb" visitor and guest vehicles. Smaller requests (up to 10 vehicles) may not require special arrangements (e. g., overtime officers, coning or barricading spaces).


b.   University departments planning to host or authorize any event must contact Parking Services concerning parking availability prior to scheduling the event.


c.   If parking cannot be arranged for an event without seriously impacting the course of regular parking, traffic, and shuttle bus services, Parking Services may seek approval from an appropriate vice president before the event can be scheduled.


d.   Persons attending events in or near the LBJ Student Center must park in the LBJ Student Center garage. Special arrangements and fees may be considered by the manager of the LBJ Student Center garage.


e.   From 5:00 p.m. Friday until 7 p.m. Sunday evenings, visitors and guests are not ticketed for "No Permit" violations. However, the request for special parking arrangements or to reserve a parking area as described in the subsequent section is still required for proper coordination of events.


06.02  Authority to Approve or Deny Special Event Parking


a.   The director of the University Police Department (UPD) or supervisor of the Parking Services office have the sole authority to approve or deny the use of any permit parking lot, facility, or street parking location for any special event or function unless appealed to the vice president for Student Affairs. No person or department may schedule or direct the use of a permit parking area.


b.   UPD and Parking Services must authorize the use of their resources before committing these resources for special event parking or functions.


06.03  Scheduling of Parking Facilities


a.   Sponsors must request assistance for special event parking that involves more than 10 vehicles at least two weeks in advance of the event using the Special Event Parking Request Form (see Attachment I).


b.   For small groups (e. g., of 10 vehicles or fewer), e-mail or hard copy requests are acceptable. Sponsors must submit requests at least two weeks in advance to the manager of Parking Services. The request must include: the date, time, and a description of the event or the reason for the request; number of expected attendees; and the type of vehicles (cars, vans or buses). The manager of the Parking Services office, or his or her designee, will contact the requester within 48 hours of receipt to identify what parking facilities may be available or to offer alternative suggestions to accommodate the request.


06.04  Scheduling Priorities


a.   Large events may result in an excessive number of vehicles parking on campus and have the potential to impact the normal academic functions of the university. It is important to coordinate all parking needs for large groups with Parking Services prior to scheduling an event. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance and always prior to the dissemination of parking information.


b.   First priority is the parking needs of students, faculty, and staff. Every effort will be made to accommodate special event parking, in such a manner as to seriously not impact the normal function and activity of the university's academic schedule.


c.   Second priority will be given to university and department-sponsored events. Such events include: 1) athletic events; 2) Fine Arts performances and exhibits; 3) departmental-sponsored lectures; conferences or committee meetings; and 4) events of university-recognized organizations.


d.   Third priority will be given to non-university sponsored events. Offices responsible for scheduling facilities such as Evans Auditorium, UPACC, Music Building, Theatre Center, the Glade Theatre and others, must initiate the event parking request and should follow the same procedures and timelines required for university-related events. Texas State hosts, offices, or departments should not advise non-Texas State persons to contact Parking Services independently to arrange special parking needs.


e.   Residential parking spaces will be reserved for special events or programs only under the extraordinary circumstances and only with the approval of the director of Housing and Residential Life.


06.05  Special Events Parking Costs and Payment Procedure


a.   Many special events parking arrangements can be coordinated without an additional fee or overtime services. When necessary, the manager of Parking Services will inform the requester of the potential fees and expenses involved upon receiving the request.


b.   The Texas State account number to which Parking Services will charge fees and overtime expenses must be indicated on the request and an authorized signature is required.


c.   For services provided to a non-Texas State affiliated person or organization, fees and expenses must be pre-paid one week prior to the event.




07.01  The following types of temporary permits are available from Parking Services:


a.   One-Day Temporary – Valid until 9:00 a.m. the following day. For use by all Texas State employees and students who bring a vehicle to campus other than the vehicle already registered at Parking Services. A maximum of 3 one-day temporary permits may be obtained in any regular semester or between May 30 and August 1 of each year.


b.   Weekly Temporary – Can be purchased for up to eight weeks for use on a vehicle other than the one registered with Parking Services. These permits are for individuals with vehicles under long-term repair conditions or for persons with short-term assignments on campus.


c.   Loading Zone – Valid while stopped in designated loading zone areas for purposes of loading or unloading heavy or bulky items.


d.   30-Minute – For use by persons who must conduct short-term business at JCK. The time-stamped permit may be obtained at the JCK Parking and Information Booth and exempts the vehicle from color zone restrictions for 30 minutes.


e.   Service Delivery – For individuals who are required to perform job duties throughout campus. The service delivery permit is valid for 2 hours in signed service delivery spaces, 20 minutes in signed loading zones, and exempts the vehicle from color zone restrictions.


f.    Temporary Mobility Impaired – As defined in Section 08.01 b.




08.01  Disabled Permits: Disability means any temporary or permanent impairment restricting an individual's mobility.


a.   Mobility Impaired – Only persons displaying a state-issued disabled person license plate or hanging tag can use the designated disabled parking spaces. Mobility impaired Texas State employees and students must also have a Texas State parking permit.


b.   Temporary Mobility Impaired – All Texas State employees and students who have temporary mobility impairment may obtain a temporary "All-Zone" permit with written notification from the Student Health Center or a personal physician indicating the disability and its anticipated duration. The expected period of time must be included and may not exceed 60 days. Vehicles displaying this permit are exempt from color zone classifications, but may not be used in official disabled parking spaces.




09.01  Continuing Education permits must be purchased through Parking Services and distributed through the Continuing Education department.


09.02  Faculty and staff of Continuing Education classes are subject to the same provisions for regular faculty and staff.




10.01  Parking Services enforces the university parking rules and regulations and is authorized to issue parking tickets, install vehicle boots, or impound vehicles for violation.


10.02  Parking violations and fines for parking violations are described in the University Parking, Traffic, and Safety Regulations.


10.03  Individuals with unpaid fines will be prohibited from registering for classes, obtaining transcripts or purchasing a Texas State parking permit.


10.04  Chronic Offender Policy – Any person who has parked a vehicle or vehicles on university property that has been issued five or more tickets within a continuous 12-month period, regardless of whether the tickets are paid or on appeal, will be considered a chronic offender of the university’s parking rules. Chronic offenders may continue to park legally on campus; however, when a vehicle which has been assigned to a chronic offender is found illegally-parked, it is subject to 1) immediate impound and 2) a $150 chronic offender fee.


10.05  Persons may appeal parking tickets to the Parking Services office or to the Parking Appeals Committee. Either the Parking Services office or the Parking Appeals Committee may cancel or reduce fines if enforcement action was not in accordance with university regulations or if extenuating circumstances warrant such action.


10.06  Suspensions of parking privileges must be appealed to the Transportation and Parking Committee.




11.01  Any service provided by the Parking Services office beyond its normal daily operations may be charged (as defined in Attachment I) to the Texas State host, office or department sponsoring the event or requesting the additional coverage. Parking Services reserves the right to determine if events require additional staffing.


12.       BUS SERVICE


12.01  The Bobcat Tram is a bus service operated for all Texas State students, faculty and staff. The system is designed to help alleviate parking and traffic congestion on campus. The system transports students, faculty and staff from the remote parking areas and concentrated student population areas in the city of San Marcos to the central campus, as well as providing a means of cross-campus travel. Intercity bus service is available at an additional cost from Austin, Kyle, New Braunfels, and San Antonio and is open to the students, faculty, staff and the general public.


12.02  Authority of the Board of Regents


a.   The Board of Regents of the Texas State University System is authorized to charge each student enrolled at Texas State a fee to finance bus service for students attending the university (Texas Education Code 54.511).


b.   The Board may not increase the bus fee more than once in an academic year for the purpose of covering increased operating costs of the bus service. Any increase in the bus fee must be approved by a majority vote of those students participating in a general election called for that purpose.


12.03  Students pay the bus fee at registration. A portion of each faculty and staff parking permit fee is forwarded to Auxiliary Services to finance bus access for faculty and staff.


12.04  The system is in full operation on all scheduled class and final exam dates during the fall and spring semesters. Reduced bus service is available during the summer semesters. Limited intercity bus service is available on most non-class weekdays. The bus fleet is air-conditioned and meets federal ADA standards.


12.05  Routes and schedules may be adjusted by Auxiliary Services at the beginning of each semester based on the level of demand on the bus service. Routes and schedules are subject to change without notice. Current route and schedule information is available at selected display cases around the campus, LBJ Student Center information desk, Auxiliary Services office, or may be viewed on the university's Web page at


12.06  Periodic route and service evaluation occurs through demographic analysis; ridership analysis; and student surveys. The information is used to make major route and schedule modifications along with input from ASG and the Parking and Transportation Committee.


12.07  Responsibility for the Bobcat Tram is assigned to the vice president for Finance and Support Services. The system is operated as an auxiliary enterprise under the supervision of the director of Auxiliary Services. Bus service is currently provided by contract.




13.01  Attachment II contains rules and regulations as they pertain to the use of golf carts on campus.




14.01  Attachment III contains rules and regulations as they pertain to the use of bicycles on campus.




15.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                         Date


Assistant Director, Parking Services        January 1 E3Y


Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services      January 1 E3Y


Transportation and Parking Committee  January 1 E3Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Assistant Director, Parking Services; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Director, University Police Department


Vice President for Student Affairs