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Texas State University

UPPS 05.06.03 Student Travel


Safety Guidelines


1.            Compliance with Laws and Policies


a.    Motor vehicles used for travel covered by this policy shall have a current proof of liability insurance card and a state inspection certification.

b.    Keep a copy of all emergency and insurance information for each travel participant in an accessible location.

c.    Fifteen-passenger vans are not approved.


2.            Vehicle Operator Requirements


a.    All students who will operate vehicles while engaged in travel covered by this policy must have a valid operator's license and be trained as required by law to drive the vehicle that will be used.

b.    Operators shall comply with all laws, regulations and posted signs or directions regarding speed and traffic control.

c.    Operators break every two hours and change every four hours. Trips exceeding 14 hours should be completed in two days and have no less than three drivers.


3.            Safety Requirements for Both Operators and Passengers


a.    Seat Belts. Occupants of motor vehicles shall use seat belts or other approved safety restraint devices required by law or regulation at all times when the vehicle is in operation.

b.    Inhibitors. Operators must abstain from drinking alcohol at least 12 hours prior to driving and abstain from illegal drug use. Occupants of motor vehicles shall not possess, consume, or transport any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.

c.    Passenger Capacity. The total number of passengers in any vehicle at any time it is in operation shall not exceed the manufacturer's recommended capacity, or the number specified by university policy, or federal or state law or regulations, whichever is lowest.


4.            Accident Maintenance


a.    If an accident occurs which involves injuries to a university student, employee, or any individual in any other vehicle, the highest priority is to summon emergency medical personnel to the accident scene immediately.

b.    If an accident occurs, the appropriate law enforcement agency should be summoned to the scene for an accident report and an investigation. If possible, vehicles should not be moved, unless a significant traffic hold-up or safety hazard exists. The Texas Department of Public Safety Roadway Emergency and Stranded Vehicle number is 1.800.525.5555.

c.    If an accident occurs, the Texas State University Police Department (512.245.2805) should be contacted.

d.    There are a number of Texas State departments that have travel regulations for departmental travel-related activities. Student organizations must check with any advising departments to obtain copies of specific departmental policies if the department sanctions the travel-related activity.