Emergency Operations                                                      UPPS No. 05.04.03
Issue No. 7
Effective Date: 06/30/2010

                                                                                                Review: April 1 E4Y

                                                                                                Attachments I, II, III, IV, V, VI





01.01  This UPPS outlines the actions required for assembling university resources for use in disaster management.


02.       PURPOSE


02.01  Purpose


a.    To establish official policy for operating university facilities, using university resources and deploying university personnel during emergencies; and


b.    To outline procedure for assembling university resources for use in disaster management.


02.02 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5) states that the management of domestic incidents calls for the establishment of a single, comprehensive National Incident Management System (NIMS).




03.01 A standing committee, appointed yearly on September 1 by the university president and chaired by the director of University Police, will develop and review the university's Emergency Management Plan for implementation during natural or man-made disasters.


03.02  The committee will consist of primary and alternative representatives from the organizations listed below:


a.   Academic Affairs


b.   Auxiliary Services


c.   Facilities Department


d.   Materials Management


e.   Housing and Residential Life


f.    Student Health Center


g.   University Police Department


h.   University News Service


i.    Counseling Center


j.    Information Technology


k.   Human Resources


l.    Texas State University System (TSUS) Associate General Counsel


m.  Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management


n.     Correspondence, Extension, and Study Abroad


o.    Center for Safe Schools


p.    International Office


q.    Dean of Students


r.     Continuing Education


s.    University Food Service


t.      President of Associated Student Government


 03.03       Emergency management plans developed by the Committee shall include:


a.   Identification of university elements essential to disaster control operations;


b.   Identification of all individuals to receive the authority to direct university elements during emergency operations;


c.   Strategy for staffing essential emergency functions;


d.   Provisions for coordination of inter-agency resources;

e.   Identification of budgetary considerations;


f.    Designation of an official university spokesperson who will make all public announcements during emergency operations;


g.   Use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for organizing emergency management teams for the following needs:


1)   Communications Center

2)   Materials and Supplies

3)   Housing

4)   Food and Potable Water

5)   Transportation

6)   Legal Matters

7)   Health Services or Medical Treatment

8)   Public Information

9)     Psychological Services


h.   Methods of documenting and reporting the following data:


1)   Persons assisted

2)   Nature of assistance

3)   Facilities utilized

4)   Human Resource issues

5)   Materials

6)   Legal issues

7)   Budgetary or financial reports

8)   Multi-agency communications


i.    Records Maintenance/Retention.




04.01  The director of University Police will serve as the director of Emergency Operations as appointed by the president. The Emergency Management coordinator (sergeant of Special Projects) will assist the director of Emergency Operations. In the director of the UPD’s absence, the president will authorize the senior police officer on duty to perform the director’s duties.


04.02  The director of Emergency Operations or EMC will implement NIMS to manage all resource utilization throughout the emergency.

 04.03 The director of Emergency Operations has the authority to utilize Texas State University-San Marcos property and may commit university resources to assist in emergency operations, including those occurring off-campus.


04.04  The director of Emergency Operations and the Emergency Management coordinator will direct the university emergency operations when the Emergency Operations Plan (Attachment I) is activated.


04.05  Upon receipt of information that an emergency has occurred, is imminent, or threatening, the director of University Police or the senior police officer on duty will notify the vice president for Student Affairs and make a recommendation regarding activation of the Emergency Operations Plan (Attachment I).


04.06  Upon notification that a decision has been made to activate the Emergency Operations Plan (Attachment I), the director of University Police or the senior police officer on duty will notify, or cause to be notified, the vice president for Student Affairs, who will then notify the other appropriate executive staff.


04.07 The director of Emergency Operations will test university emergency notification systems as outlined in Attachment VI, and maintain documentation of the tests as required by law. 




05.01  The university has established a Behavior Assessment Team (BAT) and an Emergency Management Committee (EM Committee) to assess situations, plan and coordinate an immediate and extended response to situations, and coordinate assistance to those directly or indirectly affected by the incident. The university may experience crisis incidents, such as a student’s death or a fire in an off-campus apartment complex, that it does not consider disasters posing an ongoing threat to community safety or institution function.


05.02  The primary focus of the EM Committee is to provide direction and coordination of the university's response to a crisis situation in order to minimize the traumatizing effects and reduce the potential for an extended crisis.


05.03  The core members of the BAT are also members of the EM Committee. The membership of the BAT is specified in UPPS No. 07.10.05, Threatening Behavior Consultation and Assessment Team. Where responsibilities of the two groups overlap, such as in providing support to secondary victims (friends, etc., of those injured or killed) of emergency situations, the BAT will operate as a sub-team of the EM Committee. In time-sensitive high-risk situations, any of the core members may call a meeting of the BAT. Core members will consider the context of the EM Committee’s operations when making specific assignments.




06.01  Attachment I outlines the Disaster/Emergency Operations Plan Procedures


06.02 Attachment II outlines the Texas State Emergency Management Plan.


06.03  Attachment III defines various types of disruptive activity and provides procedures to be followed in the event that such problems arise.


06.04  Attachment IV outlines procedures to be followed in Active Shooter situations.


06.05 Attachment V defines the Emergency Management Plan for study abroad.


06.06  In the event of an energy curtailment or severe weather, follow procedures in UPPS No. 05.04.02, Closing the Campus Because of Weather or Other Emergencies.




07.01  Upon the completion of an emergency operation, the director of Emergency Operations will conduct a debriefing session.


07.02  The director of Emergency Operations or Emergency Management coordinator will prepare a complete report on the university involvement in the emergency operation and submit it to the President's Cabinet through the vice president for Student Affairs within ten business days.




08.01    Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                         Date


Director, University Police                          April 1 E4Y


Director, University News Service            April 1 E4Y


Associate Vice President for Facilities     April 1 E4Y


Director, Environmental Health,               April 1 E4Y

Safety, and Risk Management


Director, Counseling Center                      April 1 E4Y


TSUS Associate General Counsel           April 1 E4Y

Provost                                                           April 1 E4Y


Vice President for Student Affairs            April 1 E4Y


Director, Human Resources                      April 1 E4Y


Dean of Students                                        April 1 E4Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Director of University Police; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Vice President for Student Affairs