Attachment VI



1.    Testing of Emergency Notification Systems


a.    Each fall semester the university will test the notification system.


b.    Steps for such testing are as outlined below:


                      i.    The university will notify the university community not less than one day prior to the testing date by campus e-mail and post the notice on Emergency Preparedness Web site.

                    ii.    The university will choose a specific location for a planned response drill from police, fire, EMS and may not necessarily notify the community of that location. University administration will receive notification as required under UPPS No. 05.04.02, Closing the Campus Because of Weather or Other Emergencies. Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management will coordinate on the test location.

                   iii.    On the date and time for the test, the University Police Department Emergency Management coordinator will push out all “Test” messages using the various means of campus notification.

                   iv.    The Emergency Communication Center will dispatch police officers, fire and EMS personnel as an actual emergency would require. Notices on the Emergency Notification system will state the university is conducting a drill.


c.    Documentation of the event will be done by written information report and will be prepared by the first officer assigned the call. Additional supplemental report may also be required from the Emergency Management coordinator.


2.    Notification of community after activation of Emergency Notification System


a.    The community will be notified at the close of the test and will be directed to the University Emergency Preparedness Web site for final comments.


                          i.    Final comments will include a phone number and email address of a contact which may be notified should a member of the community have comments or concerns.


3.    Cancellation of testing

a.    In the event there is an actual emergency on the chosen test date, the university will notify the community that the test is cancelled via e-mail only.  The Emergency Preparedness Website will contain further clarification. The university will use all other systems for the existing emergency.


b.    In the event a special activity that the test would interrupt is scheduled for the chosen test date, the community will receive notification that the test is cancelled by e-mail only. The Emergency Preparedness Web site will contain further clarification.