Wireless Cellular Communication Services                   UPPS No. 05.03.11

Issue No. 4

Effective Date: 09/09/02013
Review: August 1 E3Y

Attachments I, II





01.01  This UPPS establishes policy concerning the use, availability, and acquisition of wireless cellular communication services by Texas State University employees, including grant-funded employees, for business purposes which is in compliance with Internal Revenue Service guidelines.


01.02  Wireless cellular communication services are defined as voice, data, features, etc. regardless of instrument type


01.03  Texas State recognizes that using cellular services may help some employees perform their duties.


01.04 Department heads may, as a condition of employment, require employees to maintain a cellular service plan that permits the department to contact the employee in conjunction with their job duties. Such requirement will be included in the individual employees’ Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis book (GOJA).


01.05  Department heads may assist such staff by providing employees a monthly allowance to cover the business use of the employees’ personal wireless cellular communication services. An allowance for only one device will be allowed.




02.01  A department head is responsible for initiating the processing of an allowance to utilize an employee’s personal cellular instrument and service for business purposes. The department head approves an allowance based on an estimate of monthly business usage for the position. The employee is responsible for payment of any costs exceeding an approved allowance.


02.02  The allowance is processed through the university’s payroll system and is included as additional compensation on the employee’s earnings statement.


a.   This allowance is intended to assist with the cost for usage of business-related cellular services, and not necessarily to cover the total costs.


b.   A minimum of three levels of personal cellular services allowances are available based on usage.


c.   A department head may choose the level that is most appropriate for the employee’s position to receive based on the anticipated monthly business use of his or her personal cell phone. The maximum annual cellular allowance an employee may receive is $600.00 USD. A division vice president may request a higher threshold for certain defined groups or individuals. Each Higher Threshold Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form (Attachment II) must be submitted in writing to, and approved by, the president.


02.03  The employee and department head should complete and sign a Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form (Attachment I). The form must be forwarded to the divisional vice president for signature approval. The vice president’s office will then return the form to the requesting department.  The department will prepare an electronic Special Payment Personnel Change Request (PCR) and scan and attach the approved Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form.


02.04  The Payroll Office will disburse a monthly allowance to cover monthly wireless cellular communication services.


02.05  Employees are responsible for:


a.   paying all amounts due to a cellular services vendor in accordance with their service plan conditions; and


b.   notifying their department head of any changes in a timely fashion, so the department head can complete and attach a revised Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form (Attachment I) or Higher Threshold Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form (Attachment II) electronically to the Special Payment PCR. The revised form will indicate any changes in cell number, address, and cellular services status.


02.06  Employees will not continue to receive an allowance if their personal cellular services have been cancelled or suspended.


a.   Employees are responsible for notifying their department head immediately if they terminate or cancel their cellular services plan, or are unable to use their personal cellular devices for business purposes, regardless of the reason. 


b.   The university may discipline an employee who fails to notify his or her department head in a timely manner if their personal cellular services have been cancelled or suspended.


c.   At least annually, the department head shall verify that an employee receiving an allowance has the required cellular services. 


d.   As part of the verification process, the department head may periodically require the employee to provide proof of service as well as other supporting documentation.


02.07  If a department head determines that an employee no longer requires cellular services, the department head will prepare and submit a Special Payment PCR electronically to Human Resources to discontinue the allowance or if the employee is faculty, the department head should submit the Special Payment PCR electronically to Faculty Records.


            An employee’s personal authorization for cellular services ends if he or she transfers to a new position, whether in the same department or in another department. The department head may reinstate the employee’s allowance if the department head determines that the employee continues to need the service in the new position.


02.08 In the event of a transfer to a new department or supervisor, the new supervisor will need to determine the continuing need for the special payment and may choose to end the payment or increase or decrease the amount, depending on the needs of the department.




03.01  The department head approves an allowance based on an estimate of monthly business usage for the position. The employee is responsible for payment of any costs exceeding the approved allowance. The enrollment is repeated annually on a fiscal year basis.


03.02  The VPFSS shall communicate to the university community the amount of the allowance for each level and reflect them on the Personal Cellular Services Allowance Forms (Attachment I or Attachment II) for the next fiscal year.




04.01   Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                         Date


Associate Vice President for                      August 1 E3Y

Financial Services


Associate Vice President for                      August 1 E3Y

Technology Resources


Assistant Vice President for                       August 1 E3Y

Human Resources


Director of Technology                               August 1 E3Y

Resources – Business Services


Director of Payroll and                                August 1 E3Y

                        Tax Compliance




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Associate Vice President for Financial Services; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Vice President for Finance and Support Services