Attachment II




     Building or Facility                                                    Location


1.             Admissions and Visitors Center    


2.             Alkek Library


3.             Alumni House                             


4.             Aquarena Center  


5.            Bobcat Stadium                                              Maroon and Gold room and grounds reserved by the Bobcat

                                                                                    Athletic Foundation at athletic contests, private rooms in the

                                                                                    press box level, and parking lot during Texas State football



6.             Bobcat Stadium End Zone Complex                 Sac ‘N Pac Room


7.             Flowers Hall                                                   The foyer & the Brasher Room


8.             Freeman Ranch Conference Facility 


9.             Commons Hall                                                University Club


10.           Hill House                     


11.           J. C. Kellam Building                                       Eleventh Floor   


12.           Joe's Crab Shack                        


13.           LBJ Student Center                                                         


14.           Performing Arts/Conference 


15.           Drama Center                   


16.           Strahan Coliseum                                           Maroon & Gold Room and areas reserved for social gatherings

17.           Texas State Golf Course                                                                


18.                      University Residence Halls                       
19.                      Taylor Murphy Building                  Courtyard and Patio


20.           University Camp                                              Wimberley            

(Requires approval of the Campus

Recreation Dept., which will serve as the

Dean of Students’ designee for functions

at the University Camp in which alcoholic

beverages are served.)


21.                     Athletic Playing Fields

(Requires approval of the Athletic Director

who will serve as the Dean of Students’

designee and ensure that all NCAA and

conference guidelines are followed.)


22.                     Wells Fargo Atrium (First Floor McCoy Hall)


23.                     Academic Atrium (Fourth Floor McCoy Hall)


24.                     Frost Conference Room (Fourth Floor McCoy Hall)


25.                     Strahan Administrative Complex (Maroon and

Gold Room)


21.                     Texas Rivers Center