Attachment I





1.         George’s


All staff in George’s will exercise the necessary judgment to provide customers with a safe and responsible environment in which alcoholic beverages will be served.


a.   George’s staff will sell alcoholic beverages as defined in the alcohol license and will follow all Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) rules associated with the license.


b.   All persons serving or selling alcoholic beverages must attend TABC certified Alcohol Service Awareness Certification training and Alcohol Risk Efficiency training before they are permitted to sell alcoholic beverages.


c.   The management of George’s will not allow any patron to have alcoholic beverages brought in or removed from the premises.


d.   Signs will be posted indicating "No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by anyone under age 21."


e.   Non-alcoholic beverages (in addition to water) will be available and their availability prominently displayed.


f.    The sale or serving of alcoholic beverages in George’s will not begin until 4 p.m. each day that George’s is open for operation. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of the Student Center and the Dean of Students.


g.   Alcoholic beverages will cease being sold or served thirty minutes prior to closing.


h.   Signage will be posted announcing the willingness of George’s staff to call a cab for those who have consumed alcoholic beverages in the Student Center.


i.    Alcoholic beverages will be sold only when food items are served or sold.


j.    George’s may be reserved by student organizations or other groups during time periods when it is not open to the public.


2.         Athletics


The licensed food contractor for the University will be responsible for the sale and service of all alcohol on behalf of the Texas State Athletic Department. However, if beer or wine has been donated, the Athletic Department's Bobcat Athletic Foundation Administrator or designee will assume the responsibility for risk management in the service of all alcoholic beverages in the Maroon and Gold Rooms, in the Sac–N-Pac Room, and the private boxes at the press level. (Please see Attachment III for TABC Guidelines for Serving Beer and Wine). The contractor or Athletic Department Administrator will follow Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules and regulations associated with TABC licensure. Complete guidelines are included as Attachment III.


a.   Athletic personnel will ensure that there is an approved Alcoholic Beverage Activity form prior to all athletic events in which alcohol will be served in the Maroon and Gold Rooms or the Sac-N-Pac Room. For Presidential functions in the Sac-N-Pac Room and private rooms in the press box level, Special Projects will ensure that there is an approved Alcoholic Beverage Activity form prior to presidential pre-game receptions. 


b.   Alcoholic beverages purchased or served in the Maroon and Gold Rooms, the Sac-N-Pac Room or the private rooms in the press box level must be consumed in those respective facilities (i.e., not taken out of facilities by university guests, faculty or staff members).


c.   In accordance with Texas State rules and regulations, Athletic staff and the university's licensed beverage contractor will ensure that there is no consumption of alcoholic beverages on athletic playing fields, in sports arenas, or in other Texas State athletic facilities, except in the locations noted in section "b." (above).


d.   When alcohol is served, food will also be served and an alternate non-alcoholic beverage will be available.


e.   A special donation specifically for alcoholic beverages will be interpreted as the sale of alcohol. If alcohol is to be sold, all appropriate arrangements must be made in advance with the TABC.


f.    Police officers must be present at events where alcohol is served or consumed unless the Dean of Students and the Director of University Police, in conjunction with the facility manager, agree that such security is not necessary.


g.   Tailgate activities are permissible at Bobcat Stadium parking lot locations at Texas State football games. All local and state laws are applicable. The University reserves the right to set aside a specific area for tailgate functions.


3.         Texas State Golf Course


Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold at the Texas State Golf Course under the auspices of the University. The service or consumption of alcoholic beverages during tournaments sponsored and conducted by outside entities is permissible; however, the University will assume no liability for such activities. License arrangements, coordination with the TABC local office and all appropriate Risk Management Guidelines are the responsibility of the Sponsor.