Attachment I


1.   Develop a list of all department employees (to include student employees) that need to be trained.


2.   Develop appropriate level of training for different job classifications based on the number and type of chemicals or chemical categories used, duration and frequency of use, etc.


3.   Designate a person responsible for conducting training.


4.   Describe format of the programs to be used (videos, lecture)


5.   Describe the elements of the training program to include:

A.   Purpose and applicability of the THCA

B.   Use and interpretation of Material Safety Data Sheets

C.   Use and interpretation of chemical container labels

D.   Location, health effects, and safe handling of hazardous chemicals present in each work area.

E.   Proper use of appropriate protective equipment.

F.   First aid treatment with respect to hazardous chemicals

G.   General safety instructions on handling, cleanup, and disposal of hazardous chemicals

H.   Employee rights under the THCA


6.   Describe procedures for training new or newly assigned employees to work with hazardous chemicals.


7.   Describe procedures for providing periodic refresher training.


8.   Describe procedures for responding to emergency situations involving hazardous chemicals.


9.   Maintain a record (for five years) of all training sessions, to include:

A.   Dates training was conducted

B.   List of employees attending

C.   Topics covered.

D.   Name of instructor(s)