Sample Anonymous Estate Intention Letter

(For Wills, Trusts, IRAs, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance)



Dear President Trauth:


            It is my pleasure to inform you that one of my clients, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, has named Texas State University-San Marcos as a beneficiary of his/her estate plan. This letter signifies my client’s intention to keep in force in his/her estate plan an estate gift currently estimated at $___________________ to the university for the further benefit of (college, school, center).


            Understanding that my client’s gift intention is completely revocable, I will inform you should my client change his/her intent toward the university or should the dollar value of his/her estate’s potential donation significantly increase or decrease.


            On behalf of my client, I hope that his/her charitable estate gift will inspire others to contribute to Texas State University-San Marcos.





                                                                        Name of Attorney



                                                                        Attorney’s Signature







                                                                        City, State, Zip








Assistant Vice President for Development




As with any decision involving your assets, we urge you to seek the advice of your professional counsel when considering a gift to Texas State University-San Marcos.