Sample Estate Intention Letter

(For Wills, Trusts, IRAs, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance)



Dear President Trauth:


            It is my pleasure to inform you that I have named Texas State University-San Marcos as a beneficiary of an estate gift. This letter signifies my intention to keep in force in my estate plan a donation of approximately $___________________ for the further benefit of (college, school, center).


            Understanding that my gift intention is completely revocable, I will inform you should I change my intent toward the university or should the dollar value of my estate’s potential donation significantly increase or decrease.


            I hope that my charitable intent will inspire others to contribute to Texas State University-San Marcos.




                                                                        Name(s):  Please Print

















                                                                        City, State, Zip








Assistant Vice President for Development


As with any decision involving your assets, we urge you to seek the advice of your professional counsel when considering a gift to Texas State University-San Marcos.