Attachment I





1.    Proposed Research Service Center name (40 character max):


2.    What products or services will be provided by the Research Service Center?


3.    How is this proposed Research Service Center related to the instructional, research or public service mission of the university?


4.    Are these services offered by an existing service center or external entity? What rates are available?


5.    Describe the demand for the goods/services including the expected customers and the duration?


6.    Describe potential users, such as specific departments, sponsored projects, external users and estimated percentages for each.


7.    What are the start-up costs? Please provide sources of funds for start-up costs.


8.    Define and describe the output unit of measures (hours, samples, etc.) for each rate.


9.    How many units do you anticipate producing annually?


10. What equipment will be used to provide the products or service? Please provide the tag number for each piece of equipment.


11. What personnel will be used to provide the products or service?


12. What is the proposed annual budget? Use Attachment III.  Note: this is not a calculation of the fee rate.


13. The Research Service Center UPPS has been reviewed and understood by the service center account manager and all personnel related to the administration of the Research Service Center.      Yes ___ No___