Administration and Management of Major                     UPPS No. 03.04.08

Contracts for Goods or Services                                       Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 12/9/2009
Review: June 1 E6Y


01.       POLICY STATEMENTS     

01.01  This UPPS outlines the basic requirements for contract administration and management for major contracts, purchases or agreements (contracts) for the purchase of goods or services by Texas State.

01.02  Each Texas State department charged with major contract oversight shall develop and document internal processes and procedures for contract administration and management. Non-major contracts for the purchase of goods or services may require certain contract administration and management activities if it is determined in Texas State’s best interests.

01.03  When a department is charged with oversight of a major contract, a department contract administrator (DCA) is identified by the department head and charged with the responsibility to conduct or coordinate any required contract administration and management activities. 

01.04  The amount, degree or level of effort required for contract administration and management activities is based on the value, nature, scope, complexity and risk of non-performance to Texas State.  

01.05  The director of Contract Compliance shall make available and update, as necessary, a contract administration and management guide for DCA’s use. 

01.06  The Office of Contract Compliance may conduct compliance reviews, or the Office of Audits and Analysis may conduct audits, to document that Texas State complies with this policy.

01.07  This UPPS does not apply to contracts, purchases or agreements:

a.   Involving the planning, design, renovation, or contraction of buildings and other physical facilities (refer to the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, Chapter III, Section 1, Paragraphs 1.5 through 1.8);

b.   With private or governmental agencies, entities, or foundations expending funds for grants in which the donor or agency stipulates the proposed purpose of the expended funds (see UPPS No. 02.02.02, Sponsored Programs – Post Award);

c.   Involving alliances under which university employees or students, as representatives of the university, are providing services (see UPPS No. 03.04.02, Authority to Commit the University); or

d.   For lease of real property by Texas State (see UPPS No. 08.04.01, Real Property Acquisitions).


02.01  “Major contract” is a contract, purchase order or agreement for the purchase of goods or services in which the total estimated value for the term of the contract, without renewal options, is expected to exceed $100,000 and the contract term exceeds one year.

02.02  “Department Contract Administrator (DCA)” is the individual charged by the responsible Texas State department to oversee the necessary contract administration and management activities.


03.01  The DCA’s responsibilities include:

a.   Assuring compliance to all contract requirements and notifying the appropriate offices of any actual or potential instances of non-compliance;

b.   Verifying invoices submitted are correct and obtaining the necessary approvals to process payment in a timely fashion;

c.   Documenting, distributing and maintaining information regarding the contract and contractor’s performance;

d.   Attempting to informally resolve any issues or disputes regarding the contract;

e.   Escalating any unresolved contract issues or disputes in a timely fashion in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract; and

f.    Coordinating and monitoring any necessary activities to close out a contract that is determined complete, terminated or expired, and notifying the appropriate Texas State parties.

03.02  The DCA is identified in writing to the contractor by Texas State as the primary point-of-contact for formal communications and notices regarding the contract. An alternate Texas State point-of-contact should be identified to act on behalf of Texas State in the DCA’s absence.


            04.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

Position                                                         Date

Associate Vice President, Financial        June 1 E6Y



Director, Contract Compliance                  June 1 E6Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

Associate Vice President for Financial Services; senior reviewer of this UPPS

Vice President for Finance and Support Services