Excused Absence Policy                                                     UPPS No. 02.06.03

Effective Date: 11/6/2007                                                                                            

Issue No. 2

                                                                                                Review: May 1 E3Y

                                                                                                Attachment I





01.01  The purpose of this UPPS is to provide guidelines for students to receive excused absences from instructors when students are unable to attend classes because they are involved in official university-sponsored functions. Students absent for active military service should contact the Registrar’s Office.




02.01  An official university-sponsored function is a function that occurs under the sponsorship of any university academic, administrative, athletic department, unit, center or institute and is generally university funded. The function should offer a forum for the development of student academic or leadership skills; provide an educational opportunity; provide a venue in which the reputation of the institution will be enhanced; or serve as an officially sanctioned athletic event.  Examples of official university functions include participation in athletic competitions; attendance as an official student organization representative at statewide leadership or development conferences; participation in scholarly conferences and workshops; participation in official creative or scholarly competitions as a representative of Texas State or a Texas State department or organization; and participation in university-sponsored trips for performing groups, including the band, Strutters and vocal music ensembles.


02.02    The sponsor who requests approval for an excused absence must be a regular university employee.


02.03    An excused absence is an absence for which the student is not penalized by the instructor for being absent from class and is allowed to make up any missed class work or examinations.


02.04  Whenever possible, students will schedule classes at times that will not conflict with times when they know they will be absent (e.g., if the volleyball team will miss numerous Tuesday evenings due to travel, a member of the volleyball team should not sign up for a Tuesday evening class).


02.05  To the fullest extent possible, it is the student’s responsibility to inform faculty of expected absences upon receipt of the course syllabus.  The student and instructor should work out arrangements for exceptions to the absence policy in the course syllabus by the third class day of the semester.




03.01  As soon as possible after learning that he or she will be absent because of an official university function, a student should submit the “Request for Excused Absence” form (Attachment I) to the instructor for each class that will be missed.  When the student presents the Request for an Excused Absence form to the instructor, the student and instructor should discuss the coursework for which the student will be responsible upon his or her return. The student is responsible for obtaining this information and completing the assignments in a timely manner.


03.02  The form requires the signature of the official advisor or director of the organization or department sponsoring the event and the instructor’s approval.  




04.01  In order to verify that an officially-sanctioned university function will occur, a website (https://sa.txstate.edu/excusedabsence) is administered through the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) office.  Advisors and selected staff members in the VPSA office as well as the Office of Campus Activities have access to this site in order to list upcoming officially sanctioned university functions.


04.02  Information listed on the website will include the organization, description of event, date and time of event, travel time required (if any), a list of students who will be involved in the event, and a phone number for the instructor to call if there are questions or concerns.


04.03  The advisor or director of the organization sponsoring the event must assure that the correct information is posted on the website in a timely manner.


04.04  For non-athletic events, the student is responsible for assuring that the appropriate travel documentation is completed prior to the travel.


04.05  Events registered on the website listed above must be submitted by the sponsor or organization advisor to the Office of Campus Activities who will in turn seek approval from the Office of the Provost.  When events have been approved, the Office of Campus Activities will post to the website. 




05.01    Class absences covered by this UPPS do not excuse a student from completing all work associated with the classes that are missed.




06.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                          Date


Dean of Students                                          May 1 E3Y


Associate Vice President for                      May 1 E3Y

Academic Affairs


Associate Director, Campus Activities      May 1 E3Y


System Supervisor, VPSA Office               May 1 E3Y


Associate Athletic Director                          May 1 E3Y


Dean, College of Fine Arts                          May 1 E3Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Dean of Students; Co-Senior Reviewer of this UPPS


Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Co-Senior Reviewer of this UPPS


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Vice President for Student Affairs