Guidelines for Use of Texas State Logo,                         UPPS No. 01.04.11

System Statement, Board of Regents List,                      Issue No. 9

and Equal Opportunity Statement                                    Effective Date: 08/28/2015

Review: June 1 E4Y

Sr. Reviewer: Director, University Marketing





01.01  These usage guidelines provide consistency when presenting the university’s name and symbol on publications, stationery, websites, and other university documents. For more information on official university stationery, consult UPPS No. 01.04.12, Designation of Official Texas State Stationery.




02.01  Artist’s work – images of original paintings and sketches, photos depicting original works, or noted photographer’s work.


02.02  Multiple-page publication – a document containing more than six pages (e.g., magazines, newsletters, catalogs).


02.03  PMS-Pantone Matching System® a standardized color reproduction system.


02.04  Presentation material – slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, and video productions.


02.05  System statement – “MEMBER THE TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM” is a phrase proclaiming the university’s affiliation with The Texas State University System (TSUS).


02.06  Tagline – “The rising STAR of Texas” is the university’s official branding slogan.


02.07  University logo – The Texas State University logo is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States and the state of Texas and is the university’s official emblem. The logo consists of words and graphics: Texas State University, the star icon, and a black rule.


02.08  University publications – documents containing text, images or a combination of these, whether offline (e.g., printed, presentation, video, and DVD) or online (e.g., Web) used to:


a.    market the university and its colleges, departments, centers, programs, and facilities;


b.    recruit students, faculty, and staff;


c.    support development;


d.    provide information to an internal or external audience; and


e.    officially represent the university.


University publications also include materials prepared for centers, institutes, divisions, and offices as well as other university locations (e.g., The Round Rock Campus, Freeman Ranch, University Camp, and other remote locations).


NOTE: In this definition, e-mails are not considered university publications.


02.09 University Web pages – A Web page is a document or resource of information accessed through a Web browser and displayed on a computer screen. A university Web page is official content of Texas State or one of its component parts. For example, is a collection of Web pages that make up the Office of University Marketing’s website.


02.10  Symbol – something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance; especially a visible sign of something invisible.


03.       EXEMPTIONS


03.01  The following are exempt from guidelines in this policy statement:


a.   materials prepared exclusively for special gift solicitations funded from non-university sources;


b.   materials prepared for special, self-contained, grant-funded programs not directly related to university programs. Such programs are encouraged to use the logo and follow these guidelines whenever possible;


c.   materials prepared for the university’s private support organizations, as defined by Regents’ Rules, Chapter IX, including development foundations, alumni associations, parents’ associations, and athletic booster organizations;


d.   materials prepared for consortia in which Texas State participates;


e.   materials prepared for instructional use as part of an organized university class;


f.    course or class syllabi;


g.   publications prepared for Athletics are exempt from the logo and tagline use procedures, but should adhere to the system statement, list of Board of Regents, and equal opportunity statement use procedures; and


      h.   university retail operations, budgeted in the Auxiliary Enterprise fund group, may display the name of the operation above the university logo rather than below it when used in advertising or in recognition of the operation’s sponsorship of an event or activity.




04.01 The university logo and tagline are registered trademarks and must always display the federal registration mark ®. Use the federal registration mark ® at the end of the tagline when it appears as a graphic and is independent of the university logo.


04.02 There are four recognized and approved logo options:


a.    primary horizontal;


b.    secondary horizontal;


c.    primary vertical; and


d.    secondary vertical


Guidelines for use of the university logos are located on the University Marketing website under the Resources tab.


NOTE: Any variance from these depictions requires prior approval from the director of University Marketing.


04.03  The tagline, “The rising STAR of Texas” appears centered below the primary logo. The tagline should never be retypeset.          


04.04  All university publications will include the logo and tagline on:


a.    the front or cover of printed material;


NOTE: The logo and tagline may appear on the back of a publication when the material’s cover or front page depicts an artist’s work, or if the publication is an invitation, a greeting card, or a postcard.


b.    the first slide or frame of presentation material;


NOTE: The logo and tagline may appear on the last frames of a video (for at least three seconds), such as a commercial or if the video resides on the university website.


c.   all university Web pages.


NOTE: The tagline does appear on the university home Web page, but does not appear on university Web pages using the GATO template.


04.05  The primary logo is the preferred usage. Use the secondary logo when space requirements do not accommodate the primary logo or on merchandise and promotional products.


04.06  The following colors or color combinations are approved for reproducing the university logo:


a.    three colors (metallic gold PMS 872, maroon PMS 504, and black);


b.    two colors (metallic gold PMS 872 and maroon PMS 504); and


c.    one color (black, metallic gold PMS 872, or maroon PMS 504).


NOTE: Contact the Office of University Marketing to gain approval to use a white logo reversed from a colored background.


04.07  Users may reduce and enlarge the logo art and type as a unit but should always maintain the original intended proportions and alignment of elements as referenced on the University Marketing website.


04.08  Do not change or alter the official university logo, art, and type included. Always use the logo in its approved form. Any variation or alteration of the registered trademark is strictly prohibited by law.


04.09  Do not add another graphic, mark, or symbol to the university logo. Adding another graphic, mark, or symbol to the university logo requires full administrative approval, beginning with the director of University Marketing.


04.10  Do not substitute other marketing symbols or athletic logos for the official university logo.


04.11  Never use the dimensional star graphic alone as a representation of the logo or with alternative fonts.


04.12  Occasionally, if space or technology will not accommodate the entire logo, the logotype (words only) may appear without the dimensional star graphic, with approval from the director of University Marketing.


04.13  Interested parties may examine the official logo and other graphic materials in the Office of University Marketing. The director of University Marketing is the custodian of the official university logo.




05.01  The system statement declares Texas State’s affiliation with The Texas State University System. The system statement “MEMBER THE TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM” must appear on the:


a.   front or cover of printed material;


NOTE: The statement may appear on the back of a publication when the material’s cover or front page depicts an artist’s work, or if the publication is an invitation, a greeting card, or a postcard.


b.   first slide or frame of presentation material;


NOTE: The logo and tagline may appear on the last frames of a video (for at least three seconds), such as a commercial or if the video resides on the university website.


c.   first page and the front cover of multiple-page publications; and


NOTE: Business or informational forms designed for internal university use are exempt from the system statement and list of Board of Regents use procedures.


d.   university home pages.


Artwork available on University Marketing’s website must be used. Do not simply type the words. Although the system statement is not a part of the official university logo, it may appear centered below the logo if enough clear space is allowed. Logos that measure two and one-half inches or less in width must include a one-fourth inch clear space around the logo. Logos that measure greater than two and one-half inches in width must include a clear space equal to the height of the letter “T” in the word “Texas.”


05.02  Multiple-page publications must include the names and home cities of the current members of The TSUS Board of Regents and chancellor in the following order:


a.    chair;


b.    vice-chair;


c.    remaining Board of Regents members in alphabetical order by last name;


d.    student regent; and


e.    chancellor (no city).




06.01  All recruitment ads, literature, and catalogs (i.e., the undergraduate and graduate course catalogs) must include the following equal opportunity statement:


“Texas State University, to the extent not in conflict with federal or state law, prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, veterans’ status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.”




07.01  Registered student organizations may use the university logo on approved printed materials if the following conditions are met:


a.    the director of University Marketing receives and approves a formal written request to use the logo;


b.   when usage is in question, the director will forward the request through approval channels, which may include the dean of Students; and


c.   all student organizations using the logo will follow the same usage guidelines stated in this policy, including addition of the system statement.


07.02  Registered student organizations that do not follow the logo guidelines may have their right to use the logo revoked.




08.01  The Texas State logo is registered with state and federal agencies as an official service mark and, therefore, protected under federal trademark law.


08.02  Use of the trademarked logo without university approval may result in legal action against the offending entities or individuals.


08.03  Follow the procedures listed below to obtain authorization to use the Texas State logo:


a.    For non-commercial use, submit requests in writing to the Office of University Marketing. The director will forward the request through approval channels, as appropriate.


b.    Businesses and individuals desiring to use the logo for commercial purposes should consult the office of the director of Athletics (see UPPS No. 01.04.10, Registration, Control, and Marketing of University Symbols).


08.04  For additional information regarding the use of the logo, agencies should contact the director of University Marketing.




09.01  Downloadable copies of the logo, suitable for reproduction, are available on the University Marketing website under the Resources link.


09.02  Desktop publishers should use caution when reproducing computer-generated logos and make certain their printer produces a high-quality reproduction with proper proportions of the art to maintain quality standards. If problems occur, contact the Office of University Marketing.


09.03  For information on how to initiate and produce a publication at Texas State, consult UPPS No. 06.05.01, Initiating and Producing Publications.




10.01  The person making the waiver request must present the proposed deviation in writing to the director of University Marketing, who has the initial authority to approve or disapprove.


10.02  Should the director disapprove the requested waiver, the applicant may appeal to the vice president to whom the applicant reports. The vice president will then review the requested deviation with the associate vice president for Enrollment Management and Marketing, who will make the final decision.




11.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                         Date


Director, University Marketing                   June 1 E4Y


Associate Vice President for                      June 1 E4Y
Enrollment Management and





            This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Director, University Marketing; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs