Attachment I

Temporary Visas
A-1,A-2,A-3 Ambassadors, public ministers, diplomats or consular officers assigned to represent their country in the U.S., their immediate families and servants
B-1         Temporary business visitors
B-2         Temporary visitors for pleasure
C-1         Aliens in transit through the U.S. to a third country
D           Crewmen of aircraft or sea vessels
E-1         Treaty trader, spouse and minor children
E-2         Treaty investor, spouse and minor children
F-1         Students pursing academic courses of study
F-2         Spouse and minor children of F-1
G-1 thru 5  Representatives of international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, their family, staff and servants
H-1B        Specialty occupations
H-2A        Agricultural temporary workers
H-2B        Non-agricultural temporary workers
H-3         Temporary trainees, special education
H-4         Spouse and minor children of H-1, H-2 and H-3 visa holders
I           Representatives of foreign information media, and their family
J-1         Exchange visitors
J-2         Spouse and minor children of J-1 visa holders
K-1         Alien fiancé or fiancé of U.S. citizen and minor children
Immigration Made Simple
L-1         Temporary intra-company transferees
L-2         Spouse and minor children of L-1 visa holder
M-1         Students enrolled in vocational educational programs
M-2         Spouse and minor children of M-1 visa holders
N-1 thru 7  NATO visa holders
O-1,O-2,O-3 Extraordinary aliens, essential support and family
P-1,P-2,P-3 Athletes, Entertainers
Q           Cultural exchange
R-1         Religious workers
R-2         Spouse and minor children of religious workers
Visa        Short Spell-out   Medium Spell-out  Long Spell-out
----        --------------    ---------------   -------------
            Citizen           US Citizen        US Citizen
A1          Visa A1           Visa A1           Visa A1
A2          Visa A2           Visa A2           Visa A2
A3          Visa A3           Visa A3           Visa A3
ADJ         Adj. Apl.         Adj. Applicant    Adjusted Applicant
ASY         Asylum            Asylum            Asylum
B2          Visa B2           Visa B2           Visa B2
E1          Visa E1           Visa E1           Visa E1
E2          Visa E2           Visa E2           Visa E2
F1          Visa F1           Visa F1           Visa F1
H1          Visa H1           Visa H1           Visa H1
H4          Visa H4           Visa H4           Visa H4
J1          Visa J1           Visa J1           Visa J1
J2          Visa J2           Visa J2           Visa J2
K1          Visa K1           Visa K1           Visa K1
L1          Visa L1           Visa L1           Visa L1
L2          Visa L2           Visa L2           Visa L2
OTHER       Other             Visa Other        Visa Other
PERM        Perm              Perm. Resident    Permanent Resident
PERMV       Perm Vfd          Perm. Resident Vf Permanent Resident
REF         Refugee           Refugee           Refugee