Scheduling of Residential Facilities for Special Activities

Texas State University-San Marcos
Official UPPS No. 07.03.02
Issue No. 4
Effective Date: 05/24/99
Review: November 1 E4Y


01.01   We at Texas State are committed to recruiting and retaining a heterogeneous and qualified student body, and providing services which enhance their personal development and contribute to the fulfillment of their goals. The following procedure contributes to the implementation of this policy.

01.02   The purposes of this UPPS are:

a.   To identify steps to be taken in scheduling housing/food service arrangements for special activities (primarily Continuing Education); and

b.   To ensure that special programs and participants (primarily Continuing Education) complement the academic function of the University community.


02.01   Events will not be scheduled to take place in the summer until fourteen (14) days (two full weeks) after spring graduation, nor go beyond the last day in July. Exception to this is contingent upon discussion by the Directors of Residence Life, Auxiliary Services and Continuing Education. Any conflicts will be resolved at the vice presidential level.

02.02   Responsibilities of event sponsor, coordinator, or advisor are as follows:

a.   All special activities, including, but not limited to, those requiring housing and/or meals, shall be coordinated through Continuing Education, or Residence Life depending on the nature of the activity. Athletics will be responsible for scheduling sports camps and will forward their completed schedules and Requests for University Resources forms to Continuing Education. Continuing Education will be responsible for scheduling all other activities.

b.   The Continuing Education office will provide the sponsor with a copy of the Request for University Resources (Attachment I).

c.   The sponsor will be responsible for completing all information requested on the form. The completed forms will be filed with Continuing Education at least ninety (90) days prior to the opening day of the event. All requests received will be reviewed and confirmed by Residence Life or Continuing Education to determine space availability.

d.   Continuing Education will furnish Residence Life and Auxiliary Services with copies of the Request for University Resources within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request or within two (2) days if after May 1.

e.   The sponsor will complete the Program Evaluation form (Attachment II), within five (5) working days after termination of the event. This form or a comparable survey instrument will be filed with Continuing Education. Athletic event evaluation forms will be filed with the Associate Athletic Director for External Operations. Distribution policy is set forth in Section 04.02. Conference participants will be encouraged to complete evaluation forms (Attachment II and Attachment III) at the conclusion of the conference.

f.   The sponsor will provide adequate supervision for all participants in workshops and conferences, and will work in cooperation with assigned University staff. The recommended ratios are 1 counselor per 10 students through age 12, 1 counselor per 15 students who are 13 years or older or 1 counselor per 40 participants if the participants are adults.

g.   Requests to waive or reduce fees for housing must be handled in compliance with Section 03. Fees for food cannot be waived.

h.   All University policies and procedures are to be adhered to by all visiting groups.

02.03   Responsibilities of Continuing Education are as follows:

a.   Maintain a supply of forms as identified in this UPPS and supply those forms upon request.

b.   Ensure that all forms submitted by sponsors are complete.

c.   Forward copies of the Request for University Resources (Attachment I) to the Director of Residence Life for approval of dates and assignment of facilities within thirty (30) days of receipt of the initial request or within two (2) days if received after May 1. All requests will be reviewed and confirmed subject to space availability.

d.   Distribute one (1) copy of the approved and completed form to those listed in the distribution section of Attachment I.

e.   Request meal tickets as needed from the Director of Auxiliary Services no later than three (3) working days before the start of the event.

f.   Assure that meals are ordered in accordance with Part III, Section 1.02 of the food service contract which states that all conference and workshop attendees staying in residence halls are required to utilize the services provided by the contractor, unless attendees are at an off-campus location during the meal period. Conference and workshop groups may have one (1) meal catered by an off-campus approved caterer and will work with contractor to schedule. Small adult groups and other special groups may be exempt from dining requirements as approved by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

g.   Control all meal tickets as appropriate. These meal tickets may be distributed by the sponsor or Continuing Education.

h.   Secure written guarantees from the organizational sponsor regarding the number of participants thirty (30) days prior to the event. Ensure that the organizational sponsor adheres to the occupancy parameters as determined by Residence Life.

i.   Serve as a liaison with sponsor and Auxiliary Services, Residence Life, Food Services, and Athletics for facilities and services that are required.

j.   Coordinate any access card requirements and police or parking services required with the Director of UPD or his/her designee.

02.04   Responsibilities of the Director of Auxiliary Services:

a.   Assign prices for rooms as recommended by the Vice Presidents for Students Affairs and Finance and Support Services.

b.   Assign approved prices for standard food services offered in the cafeteria board operations. Approval will be obtained from the Vice President for Finance and Support Services on or before October 30 of each year.

c.   Issue meal tickets as requested by Continuing Education.

02.05   Responsibilities of the Director of Residence Life are as follows:

a.   Ensure that there are no date conflicts.

b.   Assign facilities as deemed appropriate. Provide occupancy parameters for each conference group and relay information to Continuing Education.

c.   Make arrangements for staffing special event halls.

d.   Ensure that events and participants do not conflict with the regular academic functions of the University.

e.   Maintain the conference listing of all groups staying in university housing and distribute to the distribution list stated on Attachment I.

f.   Select and provide staff for the operation of each residential facility while in use for special activities.

g.   Ensure that billing information is initialed by Continuing Education staff showing their approval and forwarded to Auxiliary Services within five (5) working days after a group has checked out of university housing.

h.   Provide cards for the security door access system.


03.01   No-cost/reduced-cost housing arrangements in residence halls or university-owned apartments may be considered if:

a.   Vacant space is available;

b.   the image of the University is enhanced;

c.   there is a possibility of future reciprocal arrangements.

03.02   No-cost/reduced-cost housing may be approved for the following:

a.   Athletic teams;

1)   Space, where available, may be provided to teams and affiliate groups during the university break periods.
2)   Students may need to be relocated to other available spaces than their residence hall because of space and other Physical Plant restrictions.

b.   New staff who need transitional housing for a limited time;

1)   Transition housing for newly employed staff and faculty may be required at half of the normal rent for a maximum of three (3) months.
2)   If there is a request for the space, the faculty and staff member must either move or agree to rent the space through normal procedures and at regular cost if requested beyond the three (3) month limit.
3)   Staff and faculty will be responsible for all other applicable costs such as utilities, telephone, damages, etc.

c.   Visiting faculty/officials from other universities; and

1)   If space is available during the spring semester and after all student requests have been filled, ten (10) rooms will be set aside for visiting faculty in the presidential visit program administered by the Center for International Education.
2)   All other requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.

d.   Match for grants or contract activity.

1)   President's cabinet has designated that up to seventy-five (75) rooms (150 no-cost beds) in the residence halls will be available for matching grants in the summers. A private room is considered as two (2) bedspaces and will only be available if space permits.
2)   Requests and approval for the beds must be coordinated through the Office of Sponsored Projects, Continuing Education and Residence Life prior to the grant being submitted to the grant agency.
3)   The Office of Sponsored Projects and Continuing Education will submit a list of the grants that will be utilizing the beds and the total number of beds needed by May 1 each year to Residence Life.
4)   Residence Life and the Office of Sponsored Projects will keep records of usage of the bedspaces. Residence Life will submit a report to the Dean of Students and the Vice President for Student Affairs on an annual basis.

e.   Other special situations. (i. e., Admissions office visits, parent association hosts for orientation, and exchange programs)

03.03   Requests for no-cost/reduced-cost housing must be approved by the Director of Residence Life, Dean of Students, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Housing Request for Non-student form (Attachment IV) must be submitted to Residence Life.

03.04   Any costs incurred in opening a building that would normally be closed or for special staff and/or desk services will be the responsibility of the requesting individual or department.

03.05   The University will not provide no-cost food service.

03.06   No-cost/reduced-cost housing does not include free linen service. The department making the request will be responsible for payment. Linens may be requested through Auxiliary Services.

03.07   The university-owned apartment complexes--Clear Springs, Comanche Hill and Riverside and residence halls will only be considered for no-cost/reduced housing if a vacant apartment or room is available with no lease or contract pending for the apartment or room.

03.08   The name, full value of the no-cost/reduced housing, and amount actually paid by the staff, faculty member or guest will be reported to the Texas State Tax Office on a quarterly basis and will be considered as income for tax purposes.

03.09   If there are conflicts, the final determination about the priority or location for housing staff, faculty or special guests will be made by the Vice President for Student Affairs.


04.01   The Request for University Resources (Attachment I) must be processed through Continuing Education before final approval is given.

04.02   The sponsor will complete the Program Evaluation (Attachment II) within five (5) working days after termination of the event.

a.   Forms are distributed by Continuing Education.

b.   One (1) copy is retained by the sponsor.

04.03   The Housing Request for Non-Student Form (Attachment IV) must be processed through the Residence Life office for approval.


05.01   Major responsibilities for routine assignments associated with this UPPS include the following:

  Position Section Date

Dr. Kurt Czupryn, Director, Residence Life

November 1 E4Y
As needed
  Director, Continuing Education Review
November 1 E4Y
As needed
  Director, Auxiliary Review Services Review
November 1 E4Y
As needed


This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities, and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

Dr. Joanne Smith, Director of Residence Life; senior reviewer of this UPPS

Dr. John Powell, Director of Continuing Education; reviewer of this UPPS

Ms. Kathy Voges, Director of Auxiliary Services; reviewer of this UPPS

Dr. John Garrison, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Dr. James Studer, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Jerome Supple, President