05. Logistical Services

UPPS 05.01.01

Texas State University Property and Equipment

UPPS 05.01.02

University Surplus Property (Equipment & Consumable Supplies)

UPPS 05.01.20

Abandoned and Unclaimed Property


UPPS 05.02.02

Texas State Purchasing Policy

UPPS 05.02.04

Texas State Historically Underutilized Business Outreach Program (HUB-OP)

UPPS 05.02.05

Texas State Procurement Training and Certification Requirements

UPPS 05.02.06

Acquisition of Information Technology Products and Services


UPPS 05.03.01

Operating Guidelines for University Food Service

UPPS 05.03.02

Catered Events

UPPS 05.03.03

Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure

UPPS 05.03.10

Texas State Telephone Services

UPPS 05.03.11

Wireless Cellular Communication Services

UPPS 05.03.20

Multifunctional Device Services

·         05.04 SECURITY

UPPS 05.04.01

Releasing Information Contained in University Police Department Records

UPPS 05.04.02

Closing the Campus Because of Weather or Other Emergencies

UPPS 05.04.03

Emergency Operations

UPPS 05.04.04

Texas State Security Alarm Systems

UPPS 05.04.05

Video Documentation and Surveillance Systems

·         05.05 TRANSPORTATION

UPPS 05.05.02

Driver Selection

UPPS 05.05.03

Fleet Management Plan

UPPS 05.05.04

15-Passenger Vans


·         05.06 TRAVEL

UPPS 05.06.02

Travel Policies Regarding Campus Representative Organizations

UPPS 05.06.03

University-Sanctioned Student Travel

·         05.07 PARKING

UPPS 05.07.01

Collecting Parking Violation Fees

UPPS 05.07.02

Parking and Transportation