03. Fiscal Operations

UPPS 03.01.02

Documenting Expenditures of Unrestricted Gift Funds

UPPS 03.01.03

Purchase of Awards, Flowers, Food, or Refreshments

UPPS 03.01.05

University Income Recognition and Associated Cash-Handling Procedures

UPPS 03.01.06

Students' Financial Responsibilities

UPPS 03.01.09

Fiscal Responsibilities of Account Managers at Texas State

UPPS 03.01.10

Student Organization Accounting System

UPPS 03.01.11

Employee Financial Obligations

UPPS 03.01.12

Use of Courtesy Vehicles and Vehicle Allowances Provided by the University

UPPS 03.01.13

Tuition Rebate Program (Texas Education Code 54.0065 and Texas Administrative Code)

UPPS 03.01.14

SAP Financial Accounting System Access Privileges

UPPS 03.01.15

Agency Funds

UPPS 03.01.16

Petty Cash and Change Funds


UPPS 03.01.17

Undergraduate Excessive Hours Fee

UPPS 03.01.18

Purchase of Alcohol


UPPS 03.02.01

Reserves, Carry-Forwards, and Over-Expenditures

UPPS 03.02.03

Student Service Fee Committee and Other Compulsory Student Fee Committees

UPPS 03.02.04

Budget Planning and Monitoring for Income-Generating Accounts

UPPS 03.02.05

Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF)

UPPS 03.02.10

Budgeting for Strategic Planning Priorities

·         03.03 CASHIERS



UPPS 03.04.01

Contracted Services, Including Consultants, Speakers, and Other Services

UPPS 03.04.02

Contracting Authority

UPPS 03.04.04

Processing, Approving and Executing Contracts, Purchases, and Agreements

UPPS 03.04.05

Facilities and Administration Costs (F&A or Indirect)

UPPS 03.04.06

Nonresident Alien - Honorarium and Contracted Services Payments

UPPS 03.04.07

Interagency or Interlocal Cooperation Contracts or Agreements

UPPS 03.04.09

Research Service Centers

·         03.05 DEVELOPMENT

UPPS 03.05.01

Soliciting, Accepting and Processing Gifts and Grants from Private Sources

UPPS 03.05.02

Use and Release of Donor Information

·         03.06 FUNDRAISING

UPPS 03.06.01

Off-Campus Solicitation by Registered and Chartered Student Organizations

·         03.07 INVESTMENTS

UPPS 03.07.01

Acceptance & Sale of Marketable Securities