02. Academic Administration

UPPS 02.01.02

International Inter-Institutional Agreement Policy and Procedures

UPPS 02.01.10

Fee Reduction for Thesis or Dissertation

UPPS 02.01.12

Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Policy

UPPS 02.02.01

Applying for Sponsored Programs

UPPS 02.02.02

Sponsored Programs -- Post Award

UPPS 02.02.03

Protection of Human Research Subjects

UPPS 02.02.05

Animal Care and Use Policy

UPPS 02.02.06

Research Advances and Payments to Human Subjects

UPPS 02.02.07

Researcher Conflicts of Interest in Research and Sponsored Program Activities

UPPS 02.02.08

Conflicts of Commitment in Research and Sponsored Program Activities

UPPS 02.02.09

E-mail Recruiting of Research Participants

UPPS 02.02.10

Export Control Laws and Regulations

UPPS 02.03.01

Honorary Doctoral Degrees

UPPS 02.04.01

Student Media Policies and Procedures

UPPS 02.05.01

University Scholarship Policy

UPPS 02.06.01

Student Absences for Religious Holy Days

UPPS 02.06.03

Excused Absence Policy Related to University-Sponsored Events