01. Executive Management

UPPS 01.01.01

University Policy and Procedure Statement System

UPPS 01.01.05

Councils, Committees, and Teams

UPPS 01.02.01

Foundation Reports to the Board of Regents

·         01.03 PLANNING

UPPS 01.03.01

Space Management

UPPS 01.03.02

University Construction Policy

UPPS 01.03.04

Outcomes Assessment for Continuous Improvement

UPPS 01.03.05

Administrative Surveys

·         01.04 LEGAL ISSUES

UPPS 01.04.01

Claims Against the University

UPPS 01.04.02

Ethics Policy

UPPS 01.04.04

Open Meetings of University Committees to Members of the Press and Public

UPPS 01.04.05

Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990

UPPS 01.04.06

Legal Resources for Advisors to Student Organizations

UPPS 01.04.10

Registration, Control, and Marketing of University Symbols

UPPS 01.04.11

Guidelines for Use of Texas State Logo, System Statement, Board of Regents List, and Equal Opportunity Statement

UPPS 01.04.12

Designation of Official Texas State Stationery

UPPS 01.04.13

Policy Guidelines for the Use of Texas State Equipment by Outside Entities

UPPS 01.04.14

Display of National and State Flags

UPPS 01.04.26

Intellectual Property: Inventions, Discoveries, and Patents (IDP)

UPPS 01.04.27

Intellectual Property: Ownership and Use of Copyrighted Works

UPPS 01.04.30

Release of Information Pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act

UPPS 01.04.31

Access to Student Records Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

UPPS 01.04.32

University Records Management

UPPS 01.04.40

Reporting Criminal Offenses

UPPS 01.04.45

Concealed Carry of Handguns by License Holders on University Premises