Attachment II






1. Normal reservation priorities for reserving the Freeman Center are on a first-come, first-served basis within the following priorities:


a. Priority I Official presidential, provost, and regental functions.


b. Priority II Requests from official university departments or administrators to host academic conferences and seminars, departmental meetings, faculty group meetings, and other official university activities.

c. Priority III Official university clubs, and organizations, including the Alumni Association, Bobcat Athletic Foundation, etc.


d. Priority IV Other groups not associated with the university who are engaged in programs relating to the university or Freeman Center.


e. Priority V Weddings, personal or other non-university functions.


2. Rental Fees (Based on standard set-up) Reservation fees are non-refundable.


a. Priority I No charge


b. Priority II, III Negotiated with the Freeman Center director


c. Priority IV Negotiated with the Freeman Center director


d. Priority V (Wedding) reservation fee is $50 for under 100 guests, and $100 for over 100 guests. Per guest charge is $3 per person.


3. Additional Fees


Set up charges for Priority IV and V and custodial services beyond routine services will be negotiated with the Freeman Center director.