Scheduling of Health &                                                      UPPS No. 08.01.02
Human Performance, Athletics                                         Issue No. 7

and Campus Recreation Facilities                                   Effective Date: 10/14/2013

Review: April 1 E4Y

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01.01   The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for scheduling Jowers Center, Jowers Field, Strahan Coliseum, Bobcat Stadium, the Student Recreation Center (SRC), the Aqua Sports Center, tennis courts and the intramural and other athletic fields.


01.02   The specific objectives of this UPPS are:


a.    To assign responsibility for each facility;


b.    To outline the procedures for coordinating the use of facilities by the Department of Health & Human Performance (HHP), the Department of Athletics, and Campus Recreation during the fall, spring, and summer semesters;


c.    To outline the procedures for reserving the Jowers Center, the Jowers Field, Strahan Coliseum, Bobcat Stadium, the SRC, the intramural fields, the tennis courts, the Aqua Sports Center, and any other athletic fields;


d.    To establish the user eligibility requirements and priorities; and


e.    To establish a usage fee and deposit amount for each facility.




02.01   Scheduling of facilities.


a.    Scheduling of facilities for HHP departmental usage, athletic sporting events, SRC programs, university events, and community programs requires coordination among representatives from the Department of HHP, the Athletic Department, and Campus Recreation. The HHP facilities coordinator, the assistant director of Athletics–Facilities and Game Operations, and the associate director of Campus Recreation or other representatives designated by the provost will make up the Scheduling Committee.


b.    The Scheduling Committee will meet at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to prepare the schedule for the following semester. During the spring semester meeting, the committee will also prepare the summer schedule. The HHP facilities coordinator will post the Jowers Center classrooms and gymnasiums schedule at  no later than September 15th for the fall semester and February 15th for the spring semester. The Athletic and Campus Recreation representatives on the Scheduling Committee will prepare and retain a copy of the reservations schedule for their respective facilities.


02.02   Priority Use


a.    Facilities are normally reserved for the Department of HHP for instructional purposes, the Athletics Department for athletic events and practices, and Campus Recreation for student-related recreational sports programs.


b.    Facilities may also be reserved for university and community events, such as university and area high school graduations.


c.    In some cases, students, faculty, alumni, and members of the community may also reserve the facilities.


d.    A reservation request form for Jowers Center gymnasiums, classrooms, and fields is located on the HHP Reservations Webpage. Reservation requests for the Student Recreation Center and other Campus Recreation facilities are made directly with the associate director of Campus Recreation. Reservation requests for the athletic facilities are made directly with the assistant director of Athletics– Facilities and Game Operations.


02.03   Facility Reservation Procedures


a.    Requests for reserving facilities for university and community events are made up to one year in advance. However, reservations requests for the fall semester are finalized after the Scheduling Committee meets at the beginning of the fall semester. Reservation requests for the spring and summer semesters are finalized after the Scheduling Committee meets at the beginning of the spring semester.


b.    The Scheduling Committee will not approve a reservation that conflicts with an already scheduled class, an athletic event, or a Campus Recreation activity.


c.    The person requesting the reservation is responsible for completing necessary forms and obtaining official approval from the facility coordinator or director.


d.    The Department of HHP, Athletics Department, and Campus Recreation will collect deposits and rental fees from reservations for their facilities.


e.    The Department of HHP, Athletics Department, and Campus Recreation will maintain a system that collects facility deposits prior to events and maintains them until the completion of all activities. After the event, the person responsible for collecting the deposit will determine if and how much of the deposit will be returned according to the group's compliance with the rules and the condition of the facility and equipment.


02.04   Eligible Users and Fees.


a.    Based on the facility, fees are charged on an individual basis.


b.    The facilities coordinator or director will determine the rental fee and required deposit.


c.    In general, facility usage is free to the Department of HHP for instructional purposes, the Athletics Department for practices and other scheduled athletic events, and Campus Recreation for recreational sports programs.


d.    Whether the requestor pays a fee or deposit will depend on the purpose or the organization requesting the facility (see Attachment I).


e.    When the requestor reserves the facility as a rain site, the fee will equal the deposit, collected when the reservation is made. If the space is used, the facility will apply the deposit to the rental fee. If requestor releases the space at least 48 hours before the event, the facility will return the deposit without charge. However, if the space is not released, the facility will retain the deposit.


f.     All hourly rates are based on any portion of an hour used.


g.    The facilities coordinator or director may assess additional charges for staffing requirements, set-up, clean-up, etc.


02.05   Increased student enrollment, graduate night classes, and adult and continuing education classes may warrant schedule adjustments for additional instructional classes. Affected offices must agree on the adjustments or the appropriate vice presidents will determine the adjustments.


02.06   Facilities’ scheduling directors or coordinators are:


a.    The associate director of Campus Recreation maintains the schedule for the University Camp, Sewell Park, the Student Recreation Center, and other Campus Recreation facilities.


b.    The HHP facilities coordinator maintains the schedule for Jowers Center, Strahan Auxiliary Gymnasium and Handball and Racquetball Courts.


c.    The assistant director of Athletics – Facilities and Game Operations maintains the schedule for Bobcat Stadium and Strahan Coliseum.


02.07  If non-university entities rent the facilities, it is necessary to report the usage as unrelated business income. The Athletics and Campus Recreation business managers are responsible for submitting financial reports to the university’s tax specialist by November of each calendar year. The financial reports include the income and expenses related to the rental of facilities to non-university entities during the prior fiscal year.




03.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

Position                                                         Date

Chair, Department of Health                      April 1 E4Y

& Human Performance


Director of Athletics                                     April 1 E4Y


Director of Campus Recreation                 April 1 E4Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Chair, Department of Health & Human Performance; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Dean, College of Education


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs