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Procedures for Obtaining Sign Language Interpreting Services


Students, faculty, staff, and other persons with disabilities who attend or participate in Texas State University-sponsored activities, programs and services are entitled to reasonable and appropriate accommodations to facilitate such participation according to federal law and university policy. For a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, the services of a qualified sign language, captionist or oral interpreter are a reasonable and appropriate accommodation. A request for interpreting services may be made by a deaf or hard of hearing person or by a Texas State representative; however, all requests should be coordinated through the Office of Disability Services (ODS).


With certain exceptions, a play for example, it is not necessary to provide accommodations such as interpreting services for every university-sponsored activity. Alternately, sponsored activities or programs are advised to include an accommodation statement on all publicity materials including fliers and posters. This process places responsibility on the individual to request necessary accommodations. It is suggested that an interpreter be scheduled as part of the planning process for speakers or plays with the knowledge that the advance request can be canceled with no payment obligation up to 24 hours prior to the event. For events that occur over multiple days (e.g., a play), one performance of the event should be publicized as accessible through sign language interpretation. This will encourage those who require this accommodation to attend a specific performance and reduce the need to provide interpreting services for each performance.


Steps to Obtain a Sign Language or Oral Interpreter


a.   Use the ODS request form attached to this memo or contact the ODS directly at 512.245.3451 (voice/TTY), Suite 5-5.1, LBJ Student Center.


b.   The ODS must receive the request 72 hours prior to the start of the event if the event is less than four hours in length. If the event is more than four hours in length, the request must be received at least one week prior to the event.


c.   The ODS will schedule a qualified interpreter from the Texas State interpreting pool. Contact information including the name and telephone number of the interpreter will be provided to the event contact person. The interpreter will also be provided the name and telephone number of the event contact person.


Payment for Interpreting Services


a.   Any cost associated with providing accommodations is the responsibility of the department or program if the host department or program charges a fee associated with the event.


b.   At the time of request, the department or program will be informed of the cost of interpreting services for the event.


c.   There is a flat fee for interpreting services: $25/hr. during the day; $35/hr. evenings and weekends. This fee is subject to periodic increases based on market rates. Any event more than one hour in length will require two interpreters.


d.   Following the event, the ODS Interpreter coordinator will submit an invoice for payment to the department or program for which service was provided.




If a department representative or person with a disability cancels interpreter services less than 24 hours prior to the event for which interpreting services were scheduled, the university is obligated to pay the interpreter for the full contracted amount. If the deaf or hard of hearing person is a "no-show" at the event, interpreting service fees will be charged to the department as scheduled.


Questions regarding interpreting services should be directed to the ODS Interpreter coordinator, 512.245.3451, Suite 5-5.1, LBJ Student Center.





Request form is attached to this memo. Please copy for your records.



Request for Interpreting Services



Today's date______________________________________________________


Name of person making request ______________________________________


Department ______________________________________________________


Account # and Name _______________________________________________


Campus telephone number __________________________________________


Campus address (building and room number) ____________________________



Title of event _____________________________________________________


Date of event _____________________________________________________


Location of event __________________________________________________


Beginning time of event ___________ Ending time of event _________________


Nature of event (attach description if available) ___________________________






Approximate number of attendees who require interpreting services and their names, if available ________________________________________________________




Expected number of people attending the event__________________________


Contact person if different from above __________________________________


Return this form to the Office of Disability Services, LBJ Student Center, 5.5.1 or call the Interpreter coordinator at 512.245.3451. This request must be received 72 hours/one week in advance of the time the interpreter is needed.


For ODS use only:

Date Rec. _____________________      Date of Int. Confirm __________________


Invoice Sent __________________ Name of Interpreter ______________________


ODS Acct. no. _________________ IDT Acct. no. ___________________________