Attachment III



Procedures for Housing Requests Based on Disability Related Needs



The residence halls and university-owned apartments at Texas State University provide a living environment that allows students access to the campus and its facilities. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Texas State recognizes that students with disabilities may have special housing needs; therefore, a variety of living options are available to these students. With due consideration for the desires of the student with a physical disability, room assignments should provide the student with the ability to exit the residence hall in an emergency without relying on the use of an elevator, fellow student, or staff. It is the responsibility of students with a disability to make their housing needs known to the Department of Housing and Residential Life in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the requested accommodation or a referral to housing options located off campus.


Students with disabilities who may require an accommodation in any campus residence hall or university-owned apartment must follow the procedures outlined below. The Department of Housing and Residential Life in conjunction the Office of Disability Services will evaluate all accommodation requests on an individual basis. All requests should include:


a.   documentation of need that is the basis of the request;


b.   a description of the desired accommodation or housing configuration;


c.   an explanation of how the request relates to the disability;


d.   if applicable, a description of what steps have been attempted to address the need for which the accommodation is now requested; and


d.   possible alternatives if the requested accommodation or configuration is not possible.


In order to fairly and equitably evaluate requests based on a disability, Texas State will require documentation of disability. If documentation of disability is on file with the Office of Disability Services, please note documentation should include:


a.   a diagnostic statement including the date of the most recent evaluation;


b.   the diagnostic criteria or tests used;


c.   the current impact of, or limitations imposed by the disability;


d.   treatments, medications, devices or services currently prescribed or used to minimize the impact of the disability;


e.   the expected duration, stability or progression of the disability; and


f.    credentials of the diagnosing professional, including contact information.


In addition, recommendations related to the housing accommodation or configuration from the treating professional will be given consideration in the evaluation process. Recommendations may include:


a.   a clear description of the housing accommodation or configuration;


b.   how the recommended accommodation or housing configuration impacts the disability;


c.   possible alternatives to the recommended accommodation or configuration; and


d.   The level of need for, or the consequences of, not receiving the recommended accommodation or housing configuration.


All documentation supporting the housing request should be sent to the assistant director of Housing Administrative Services in the Department of Housing and Residential Life. All information provided will be considered confidential. The Department of Housing and Residential Life will provide a written response to the housing request within ten working days of receipt of the request.


Appeal Process: To appeal a housing decision, the student must submit additional documentation supporting their initial request in writing to the assistant director of Housing Administrative Services. The director of Housing and Residential Life, who will respond in writing within ten working days, will have the final decision regarding the request.


Personal Attendant Services: Texas State is not responsible for providing an individual with a disability with services of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting, or dressing. If a student is planning to reside in campus housing and requires personal services, he or she must provide the Department of Housing and Residential Life with documentation from an appropriate agency or service that confirms the necessary assistance will be in place effective on the date of residency.