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Office of Disability Services


601 University Drive

San Marcos Texas 78666-4616

office: 512-245-3451

fax: 512-245-3452


Academic Accommodation Letter


To:       Texas State University Faculty Member


The Office of Disability Services (ODS) has evaluated disability documentation on this student in accordance with UPPS No. 07.11.01, Disability Services for Students. Based on this documentation, the student is entitled to reasonable and appropriate accommodations in accordance with university policy and federal law. Some of the accommodations listed below may be provided by the ODS or another university department; therefore, it is important to meet with the student and discuss those accommodations relevant to your course. 


The student is responsible for acquiring your signature on the attached Academic Accommodation Form and returning both the form and letter to the ODS. The ODS will send a copy of this letter via e-mail in PDF format to faculty members who request a copy on the Academic Accommodation Form. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of this letter, please note this on the “Academic Accommodation Form.”


STUDENT NAME:                           Student ID:                            SEMESTER/YEAR:








If you have questions or need additional information please contact the ODS service specialist identified below or the ODS director. Also, please refer to “Students with Disabilities, a Faculty Resource Guide” available on the web at for additional information on accommodating students with disabilities at Texas State.


ODS Service Specialist:                                                                                         __________ 



ODS Representative:                                                                      Date:                           _____



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