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Emergency Tuition Loan (ETL) Program




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Promissory Note


In exchange for good and valuable consideration, I promise to pay Texas State University-San Marcos, its successors and assigns, the Total Due, as indicated below.  Total Due is comprised of the Loan Amount and 5% interest, calculated annually up to and including the Due Date.  I understand that additional interest, penalties, and collection fees will be assessed if the Total Due is not paid by the Due Date.  If I do not make full payment by the Due Date, I will be in default on this note and I understand that I will jeopardize my credit rating and that TXST may report my default to one or more credit bureaus.  I authorize TXST to deduct from any compensation I earn while employed by the university any and all past due amounts, including penalties, interest and collection fees, associated with this loan agreement.


I understand that the maximum term of this loan is either (a) 90 days for a fall or spring semester or (b) 30 days for Summer I or II.  In signing this note, I acknowledge that I have read the “Disclosure” and agree to all of the “Terms and Conditions” disclosed on the back of this note.



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(a)   Eligible Amounts – Loan will be only for tuition and registration fees. It cannot be used to cover the cost of books, supplies, or room and board.

A.   GPA – minimum of 2.0 overall at TXST (for continuing students).


B.   Enrolled – at least half-time.

(b)   Credit – Loan proceeds will be credited directly against the eligible tuition and fees on the student’s account. A check will not be issued.


C.   Other loans – not currently in default on other educational loans at any institution.



(c)   Eligible Recipients – Students are not eligible for an ETLP loan if financial aid is available to cover tuition and fees billed to them.


(d)  Financial Holds – Failure to repay this loan in full by the Due Date will result in a hold being placed on the student’s records. This hold will keep the student from registering, having grades mailed or posted, and obtaining an official academic transcript.

D.   Financial holds – There are no holds on the student’s records at TXST because of amounts owed. This refers to all balances, including NSF checks, parking fines/penalties, installment balances and so forth.


E.    Payment history – Students who have not paid by the Due Date for all amounts owed TXST may be ineligible for a student loan under this program.  This includes but is not limited to: other ETLs, short-term loans, or installments.






General – This note is due and payable on the Due Date.  It may be prepaid at any time, without penalty.  The amount you repay includes interest at a 5% annual rate, prorated until paid in full.  All financial awards (such as financial aid or scholarships) and refunds of any kind (such as for drops or withdrawals) will be applied by TXST to the repayment of this note and all interest and other fees due.


Withdrawal from TXST – If the student identified on the face of this loan withdraws from TXST before the Due Date, the total unpaid balance of the note plus interest becomes due and payable immediately.


Delinquent Loans – If the student receiving this loan does not pay the Total Due, including interest by the Due Date, the loan becomes delinquent and the total unpaid balance of the note plus interest becomes due and payable immediately.  Additional charges will be assessed at a 10% annual rate from the Due Date until paid in full.  The charges for being delinquent are in addition to the 5% annual interest.  Also, any past due amounts may be deducted from compensation earned as an employee of TXST.

Collection Fees – TXST may employ the services of attorneys or outside collection agencies, to assist in the collection of delinquent loans.  The additional costs of collection will be added to the Total Due, plus 5% annual interest and 10% delinquent fees.   Collection Fees may be as much as 42.86% of the outstanding balance owed.


Other Terms – The student receiving this loan and each maker, surety, and endorser of this note waive all notices, demands for payment, presentations for payment, notices of intention to accelerate the maturity, protests, and notices of protest as to this note.  The holder of the note may, upon agreement with you, extend the note’s due date or change the time or method of payment without notice to any other maker, surety and endorser on this note.  In such case, the other makers, sureties, and endorsers will remain bound to repay the note.


Make Payments to – Texas State University–San Marcos c/o Cashier’s Office, San Marcos, Texas 78666.  Direct phone inquiries to:  (512) 245-2721.