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Special Event Parking Request Form
Please submit this request at least two weeks prior to the event. If an event is scheduled prior to parking arrangements being confirmed, there is no guarantee that Parking Services or University Police Department (UPD) resources will be provided or that adequate parking space will be available.
Requests must be submitted by the Texas State affiliate sponsoring the event or the Texas State office or department responsible for scheduling the facility (i.e., UPACC, Evans Auditorium, Student Center Ballroom, Strahan Coliseum, etc.).
Name or Description of the Event                                                                                             
Location(s) of Event                                                                                                                     
Sponsoring or Responsible Texas State Department                                                            
Date(s)/Time(s) of Event                                                                                                              
# of Expected Attendees                      # of Expected Vehicles                                              
Texas State Contact Person                 Ph #                         E-mail                                         
Event Contact Person (if different than above)                                                                       
Phone Number (      )                                       E-mail Address                                                  
If Parking Services determines the event will require officer assistance such as coning or barricading spaces, or staffing entrances to a lot or garage, an overtime charge of $25 per hour, with a minimum of four hours, will be charged to the account. Any damage to parking facilities or the cost of cleanup will also be charged to the department or group using the facility. A prepaid security deposit may be required. Please indicate to what account overtime expenses will be charged:
Cost Center _______________________       Fund ____________________________
_________________________________       _________________________________
Account Manager Signature                                 Date
_________________________________       _________________________________
Non-Texas State Sponsor/Contact                       Date